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Can Plavix be given for a stent in your leg to keep artery open?

I have a stent in my right leg-put there because I had 100% Blockage/I was on Plavix for 6 mo. after & taken off it/was put on ASA,but found that Dr. said ASA was hard on my kidneys,so I was put back on Plavix to ward off future artery blockage in that leg & taken off the ASA. Can this be done safely, if not heart related, only blockage related.
asked Aug 21, 2012 by anonymous
reshown Oct 13, 2012 by admin

1 Answer

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One of the on-the-label (FDA approved) indications for Plavix is Established Peripheral Arterial Disease, which seems to be the condition you are being treated for. If this is so, then your doctor apparently had a legitimate reason to prescribe Plavix.

As far as safety -- all drugs have side effects and anti-clotting medications (including Plavix) are no exception. Any treatment is a balance between the benefits and risks.  

Generally speaking, with an arterial blockage as severe as you describe, an anti-clotting medication sounds reasonable. However, only your doctor who knows your history can determine whether the benefits justify the risks for a particular treatment.

If you want to learn about side effect profile of Plavix,
see http://www.druglib.com/druginfo/plavix/side-effects_adverse-reactions/
answered Aug 24, 2012 by pharmageek (1,910 points)