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Which is closest to Lloyd Levothroid: Synthroid by Abott or a generic levothyroxine by Mylan?

asked Aug 2, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Aug 2, 2012 by cassandra

3 Answers

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Both synthroid and generic levothyroxine are L-thyroxine, and are chemically identical. Unless the generic one is improperly made, it should work the same as the brand.
answered Aug 2, 2012 by cassandra (1,840 points)
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Bull...you can't compare drugs simply based on their active ingredients. They use different materials for the inactive ingredients which will effect absorption. Don't listen to the jewries that control information; do your own research and if you don't feel better with a certain brand of levothyroxine, chances are your body is not properly absorbing that version of the drug.
answered Jul 7, 2013 by anonymous
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It is true that improperly made generics may have a lower absorption rate (although with a simple drug like L-thyroxine it does not seem to be very common), so switching to a brand name or to another brand might make a difference. However, some people convert T4 to T3 less efficiently than others, in which case a brand that has both T4 and T3 might be a better fit (e.g. Armour Thyroid). But such brand may also produce more side effects as T3's action is much more immediate, so i is not a good idea to switch without medical supervision. Something to discuss with your endocrinologist if you feel that your current T4 brand is not effective enough.
answered Jul 8, 2013 by anonymous