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Why are 20 mg oval celexa of different sizes?

Both pills are 20 miligram oval celexa. one is big, and the other one is small. why?
asked Dec 30, 2012 by anonymous
edited Jan 7, 2013 by bigbird

1 Answer

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First confirm that both pills are indeed 20 milligrams. They should have the number 20 embossed in them. Second, confirm that they are from the same manufacturer.  Celexa is merely the most common trade name for a drug called citalopram.  Depending on local laws, pharmacists may, and often do, substitute a generic version of the same drug. Pill colour, shape and rough size get mandated by the FDA in the US so as to avoid visual confusion with other drugs. Within that, there is some room for variation.

Generic drugs might be a slightly different shade because of a differing dye or slightly different size because they chose to use a different buffering agent or a different amount of the same agent. Still other manufacturers might make what looks like a larger pill because the pill splitting groove is wider and deeper, displacing more product from the centre.
answered Jan 3, 2013 by anonymous