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Veletri (Epoprostenol) - Published Studies


Veletri Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Veletri (Epoprostenol)

Failure of epoprostenol (prostacyclin, PGI2) to inhibit platelet aggregation and to prevent restenosis after coronary angioplasty: results of a randomised placebo controlled trial. [1994]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Veletri (Epoprostenol)

Effects of continuous prostacyclin infusion on regional blood flow and cerebral vasospasm following subarachnoid haemorrhage: statistical analysis plan for a randomized controlled trial. [2014]

Cutaneous iontophoresis of treprostinil in systemic sclerosis: a proof-of-concept study. [2014]

Capsaicin 8% patch for treprostinil subcutaneous infusion site pain in pulmonary hypertension patients. [2014]

Pharmacokinetics of oral treprostinil sustained release tablets during chronic administration to patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2013]

The effect of oral prostaglandin analogue on painful diabetic neuropathy: a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial. [2013]

Long-term effects of inhaled treprostinil in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: the Treprostinil Sodium Inhalation Used in the Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (TRIUMPH) study open-label extension. [2011]

Addition of inhaled treprostinil to oral therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension: a randomized controlled clinical trial. [2010]

Exercise improvement and plasma biomarker changes with intravenous treprostinil therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension: a placebo-controlled trial. [2010]

Influence of liver cirrhosis on the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety of tezosentan. [2009]

Laropiprant in combination with extended-release niacin does not alter urine 11-dehydrothromboxane B2, a marker of in vivo platelet function, in healthy, hypercholesterolemic, and diabetic subjects. [2009]

Effects of tezosentan on symptoms and clinical outcomes in patients with acute heart failure: the VERITAS randomized controlled trials. [2007]

Evidence-based pharmacologic management of pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2007]

Survival in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension treated with first-line bosentan. [2006]

Bosentan treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension related to connective tissue disease: a subgroup analysis of the pivotal clinical trials and their open-label extensions. [2006]

A study of aspirin and clopidogrel in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2006]

Tezosentan in patients with acute heart failure: design of the Value of Endothelin Receptor Inhibition with Tezosentan in Acute heart failure Study (VERITAS). [2005]

Sildenafil for pulmonary hypertension. [2005]

The hemodynamic and neurohormonal effects of low doses of tezosentan (an endothelin A/B receptor antagonist) in patients with acute heart failure. [2004]

Randomized controlled trial of aerosolized prostacyclin therapy in children with acute lung injury. [2004]

Hemodynamic and clinical effects of tezosentan, an intravenous dual endothelin receptor antagonist, in patients hospitalized for acute decompensated heart failure. [2003]

Tezosentan in patients with acute heart failure and acute coronary syndromes: results of the Randomized Intravenous TeZosentan Study (RITZ-4). [2003]

RITZ-5: randomized intravenous TeZosentan (an endothelin-A/B antagonist) for the treatment of pulmonary edema: a prospective, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. [2003]

Beraprost therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2003]

Treatment of intermittent claudication with beraprost sodium, an orally active prostaglandin I2 analogue: a double-blinded, randomized, controlled trial. [2003]

Effect of prostacyclin on platelets, polymorphonuclear cells, and heterotypic cell aggregation during hemofiltration. [2003]

Tezosentan in patients with acute heart failure and acute coronary syndromes: design of the Randomized Intravenous Tezosentan study (RITZ-4). [2002]

[Treatment of heart failure: an update]. [Article in Italian] [2002]

Entry-into-humans study with tezosentan, an intravenous dual endothelin receptor antagonist. [2002]

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of tezosentan, an intravenous dual endothelin receptor antagonist, following chronic infusion in healthy subjects. [2002]

Effects of estrogen-progestin and raloxifene therapy on nitric oxide, prostacyclin and endothelin-1 synthesis. [2002]

Tezosentan (an intravenous endothelin receptor A/B antagonist) reduces peripheral resistance and increases cardiac power therefore preventing a steep decrease in blood pressure in patients with congestive heart failure. [2001]

A pilot safety trial of prolonged (48 h) infusion of the dual endothelin-receptor antagonist tezosentan in patients with advanced heart failure. [2001]

Hemodynamic effects of tezosentan, an intravenous dual endothelin receptor antagonist, in patients with class III to IV congestive heart failure. [2001]

Changes in vasoconstrictive hormones, natriuretic peptides, and left ventricular remodeling soon after anterior myocardial infarction. [2001]

Beta-blocker therapy in advanced heart failure: clinical characteristics and long-term outcomes. [1999]

Reliability of treadmill testing in peripheral arterial disease: a comparison of a constant load with a graded load treadmill protocol. [1999]

Effect of magnesium infusion on bleeding time in healthy male volunteers. [1999]

Effects of fish oil supplementation on platelet survival and ex vivo platelet function in hypercholesterolemic patients. [1999]

A comparison of the effects of dopexamine and prostacyclin in systemic inflammatory response syndrome. [1999]

Therapeutic use of antithrombin concentrate in sepsis. [1998]

Effects of cicletanine on prostaglandin I2 and E2 levels in patients with essential hypertension. [1997]

The effects of ibuprofen on the physiology and survival of patients with sepsis. The Ibuprofen in Sepsis Study Group. [1997]

Platelet-aggregation inhibition and hemodynamic effects of beraprost sodium, a new oral prostacyclin derivative: a study in healthy male subjects. [1996]

Anti-platelet effects of 100 mg alternate day oral aspirin: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of regular and enteric coated formulations in men and women. [1996]

Double-blind, placebo-controlled study of intravenous prostacyclin on hemodynamics in severe Raynaud's phenomenon: the acute vasodilatory effect is not sustained. [1995]

Prospective evaluation of a prostacyclin-sparing aspirin formulation and heparin/warfarin in aspirin users with unstable angina or non-Q wave myocardial infarction at rest. The Antithrombotic Therapy in Acute Coronary Syndromes Research Group. [1994]

The hypotensive action of captopril and enalapril is not prostacyclin dependent. [1993]

A randomised, double-blind study of cicaprost, an oral prostacyclin analogue, in the treatment of Raynaud's phenomenon secondary to systemic sclerosis. [1993]

Prostacyclins in diabetes: an electrophysiological study. [1993]

Angiographic restenosis after angioplasty: comparison of definitions and correlation with clinical outcome. [1993]

[Effect of captopril on the exercise performance in patients with congestive heart failure]. [Article in Chinese] [1992]

[Evaluation of the effectiveness of prostacyclin in the treatment of thrombosis of the central retinal vein using a double-blind method]. [Article in Polish] [1992]

Effects of ciprostene on restenosis rate during therapeutic transluminal coronary angioplasty. [1992]

The role of protein C as an inhibitor of blood clotting during extracorporeal circulation. [1991]

Prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 formation is increased in human sepsis syndrome. Effects of cyclooxygenase inhibition. [1991]

Prolonged effect of CGRP in Raynaud's patients: a double-blind randomised comparison with prostacyclin. [1991]

The pharmacological effects of cicaprost, an oral prostacyclin analogue, in patients with Raynaud's syndrome secondary to systemic sclerosis--a preliminary study. [1991]

Conjugated estrogens reduce endothelial prostacyclin production and fail to reduce postbypass blood loss. [1991]

The antihypertensive efficacy of hydrochlorothiazide is not prostacyclin dependent. [1990]

A double blind placebo controlled trial of intravenous prostacyclin (PGI2) in 108 patients with ischaemic peripheral vascular disease. [1990]

A randomized, double-blind, crossover comparison of iloprost with dextran in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease. [1990]

Ibuprofen pretreatment inhibits prostacyclin release during abdominal exploration in aortic surgery. [1990]

Effect of furosemide on angiotensin II-mediated prostaglandin I2 production in hypertensive subjects. [1990]

Other research related to Veletri (Epoprostenol)

How has epoprostenol changed the outcome for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension? [2010]

Longterm survival among patients with scleroderma-associated pulmonary arterial hypertension treated with intravenous epoprostenol. [2009]

Transition from IV epoprostenol to subcutaneous treprostinil in pulmonary arterial hypertension: a controlled trial. [2007]

Efficacy and safety of treprostinil: an epoprostenol analog for primary pulmonary hypertension. [2003]

Other possibly related research studies

Overview of randomized clinical trials in acute heart failure syndromes. [2005]

Tezosentan in the management of decompensated heart failure. [2005]

Clinical trials update from the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure meeting: COMET, COMPANION, Tezosentan and SHAPE. [2003]

The development of new medical treatments for acute decompensated heart failure. [2002]

Clinical trials update: highlights of the scientific sessions of the XXIII Congress of the European Society of Cardiology--WARIS II, ESCAMI, PAFAC, RITZ-1 and TIME. [2001]

Clinical Trials Update: CAPRICORN, COPERNICUS, MIRACLE, STAF, RITZ-2, RECOVER and RENAISSANCE and cachexia and cholesterol in heart failure. Highlights of the Scientific Sessions of the American College of Cardiology, 2001. [2001]

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of treprostinil (oral) for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2014]

Acupuncture in subjects with cold hands sensation: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. [2014]

Randomized pilot trial between prostaglandin I2 analog and anti-platelet drugs on peripheral arterial disease in hemodialysis patients. [2014]

Beyond the randomized clinical trial: citrate for continuous renal replacement therapy in clinical practice. [2013]

[Clinical efficacy and safety of sequential treatment with alprostadil and beraprost sodium for chronic renal failure induced by chronic glomerulonephritis]. [Article in Chinese] [2013]

Geometry of the randomized evidence for treatments of pulmonary hypertension. [2013]

The effect of different meal compositions on the oral bioavailability of treprostinil diolamine in healthy volunteers. [2013]

Prostanoids for intermittent claudication. [2013]

[Effects of electro-acupuncture combined general anesthesia on myocardial injury of high blood sugar patients with coronary heart disease in the perioperative phase]. [Article in Chinese] [2012]

Lack of a pharmacokinetic interaction between treprostinil diolamine and sildenafil in healthy adult volunteers. [2013]

Efficacy and safety of oral treprostinil monotherapy for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: a randomized, controlled trial. [2013]

Haemodynamics, exercise capacity and clinical events in pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2013]

A single center, open, randomized study investigating the clinical safety and the endothelial modulating effects of a prostacyclin analog in combination with eptifibatide in patients having undergone primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. [2012]

Inhaled treprostinil for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2011]

Inhaled nitric oxide and inhaled prostacyclin in acute respiratory distress syndrome: what is the evidence? [2011]

Sildenafil and beraprost combination therapy in patients with pulmonary hypertension undergoing valvular heart surgery. [2010]

Effect of marine collagen peptides on markers of metabolic nuclear receptors in type 2 diabetic patients with/without hypertension. [2010]

Heparin versus prostacyclin in continuous hemodiafiltration for acute renal failure: effects on platelet function in the systemic circulation and across the filter. [2010]

Hemodynamics in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH): do they explain long-term clinical outcomes with PAH-specific therapy? [2010]

Lack of a pharmacokinetic interaction between oral treprostinil and bosentan in healthy adult volunteers. [2010]

Novel insights into the pathobiology of the vascular access - do they translate into improved care? [2010]

Prostanoids for critical limb ischaemia. [2010]

Non-congenital heart disease associated pediatric pulmonary arterial hypertension. [2009]

A prospective, randomized, crossover pilot study of inhaled nitric oxide versus inhaled prostacyclin in heart transplant and lung transplant recipients. [2009]

Regional anticoagulation and antiaggregation for CVVH in critically ill patients: a prospective, randomized, controlled pilot study. [2010]

Effects of beraprost sodium, an oral prostaglandin i2 analog, on hemostatic factors and inflammation in chronic peritoneal dialysis patients. [2009]

The search for an oral prostanoid to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension continues. Are we getting any closer? [2009]

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