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Valium (Diazepam) - Published Studies


Valium Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Valium (Diazepam)

Safety and effectiveness of long-term treatment with diazepam auto-injector administered by caregivers in an outpatient setting for the treatment of acute repetitive seizures. [2014]

Lorazepam vs diazepam for pediatric status epilepticus: a randomized clinical trial. [2014]

Valproate versus diazepam for generalized convulsive status epilepticus: a pilot study. [2011.12]

Diazepam pharmacokinetics after nasal drop and atomized nasal administration in dogs. [2011.02]

Clinical efficacy and cardiorespiratory effects of alfaxalone, or diazepam/fentanyl for induction of anaesthesia in dogs that are a poor anaesthetic risk. [2011.01]

Diazepam versus clobazam for intermittent prophylaxis of febrile seizures. [2011.01]

Pharmacokinetics of diazepam administered intramuscularly by autoinjector versus rectal gel in healthy subjects: a phase I, randomized, open-label, single-dose, crossover, single-centre study. [2011]

Analgesic efficacy of diazepam and placebo in patients with temporomandibular disorders: a double blind randomized clinical trial. [2011]

Zonisamide versus diazepam in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. [2010.11]

Diazepam Versus Clobazam for Intermittent Prophylaxis of Febrile Seizures. [2010.10.02]

Intranasal midazolam vs rectal diazepam for the home treatment of acute seizures in pediatric patients with epilepsy. [2010.08]

Oral medication with diazepam or midazolam associated or not with clonidine for oculoplastic office surgery under local anesthesia. [2010.07]

[A control study on the treatment of acute seizures with midazolam and diazepam in children]. [2010.07]

The effects of acute treatment with tandospirone, diazepam, and placebo on driving performance and cognitive function in healthy volunteers. [2010.04]

Octatropine methyl bromide and diazepam combination (Valpinax) in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: a multicentre, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. [2010.03]

Lorazepam versus diazepam-phenytoin combination in the treatment of convulsive status epilepticus in children: a randomized controlled trial. [2010.03]

Effects of multiple-dose esomeprazole and pantoprazole on diazepam pharmacokinetic profile and pharmacodynamic effects on cognitive and psychomotor function in healthy volunteers. [2010]

Octatropine methyl bromide and diazepam combination (Valpinax) in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: a multicentre, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. [2010]

Efficacy of buccal midazolam compared to intravenous diazepam in controlling convulsions in children: a randomized controlled trial. [2009.11]

Performance and subjective effects of diazepam and d-amphetamine in high and low sensation seekers. [2009.09]

A randomised controlled trial assessing the effect of oral diazepam on 18F-FDG uptake in the neck and upper chest region. [2009.09]

High-dose diazepam facilitates core cooling during cold saline infusion in healthy volunteers. [2009.08]

Bioavailability of diazepam after intramuscular injection of its water-soluble prodrug alone or with atropine-pralidoxime in healthy volunteers. [2009.08]

Bioavailability and tolerability of intranasal diazepam in healthy adult volunteers. [2009.04]

Lorazepam versus diazepam-phenytoin combination in the treatment of convulsive status epilepticus in children: A randomized controlled trial. [2009.03.16]

The cardiopulmonary effects of anesthetic induction with isoflurane, ketamine-diazepam or propofol-diazepam in the hypovolemic dog. [2009.03]

Efficacy of buccal midazolam compared to intravenous diazepam in controlling convulsions in children: A randomized controlled trial. [2008.12.27]

Diazepam versus Fentanyl for Premedication during Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Results from the Myocardial Protection by Fentanyl during Coronary Intervention (PROFIT) Trial. [2008.06]

Intra-articular lidocaine versus intravenous meperidine/diazepam in anterior shoulder dislocation: a randomised clinical trial. [2008.05]

Comparison of intravenous ethanol versus diazepam for alcohol withdrawal prophylaxis in the trauma ICU: results of a randomized trial. [2008.01]

Comparison of buccal midazolam with rectal diazepam in the treatment of prolonged seizures in Ugandan children: a randomized clinical trial. [2008.01]

Comparison of ketamine and S(+)-ketamine, with romifidine and diazepam, for total intravenous anesthesia in horses. [2008.01]

Intravenous sodium valproate versus diazepam infusion for the control of refractory status epilepticus in children: a randomized controlled trial. [2007.10]

Ziprasidone, diazepam, or the combination for prevention of cocaine toxicity in a mouse model. [2007.08]

[Music versus diazepam to reduce preoperative anxiety: a randomized controlled clinical trial] [2007.06]

Antiglutamatergic strategies for ethanol detoxification: comparison with placebo and diazepam. [2007.04]

Diazepam impairs temporal dynamics of visual attention. [2007.02]

Diazepam-induced disruption of classically-conditioned fear-potentiation of late-latency auditory evoked potentials is prevented by flumazenil given before, but not after, CS/US pairing. [2007.01]

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate reduces both withdrawal syndrome and hypercortisolism in severe abstinent alcoholics: an open study vs. diazepam. [2007]

Effectiveness of intermittent diazepam prophylaxis in febrile seizures: long-term prospective controlled study. [2006.12]

Comparative study of intranasal midazolam and intravenous diazepam sedation for procedures and seizures. [2006.11]

Clinical efficacy and safety of dexmedetomidine and buprenorphine, butorphanol or diazepam for canine hip radiography. [2006.11]

Diazepam dose-dependently increases or decreases implicit priming of alcohol associations in problem drinkers. [2006.11]

Oral Clonidine Pre-treatment and Diazepam/Meperidine Sedation. [2006.09]

[Indications for intermittent diazepam prophylaxis in febrile seizures] [2006.09]

Effects of ketamine, diazepam, and their combination on intraocular pressures in clinically normal dogs. [2006.07]

Drugs, sweat, and fears: a comparison of the effects of diazepam and methylphenidate on fear conditioning. [2006.07]

Interactions on mixing diazepam with methadone or buprenorphine in maintenance patients. [2006.06]

Relationship between sedation and pupillary function: comparison of diazepam and diphenhydramine. [2006.06]

Lidocaine or diazepam can decrease fasciculation induced by succinylcholine during induction of anesthesia. [2006.06]

Diazepam impairs behavioral inhibition but not delay discounting or risk taking in healthy adults. [2006.05]

Intranasal midazolam vs rectal diazepam in acute childhood seizures. [2006.05]

Baclofen in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome: a comparative study vs diazepam. [2006.03]

Diazepam-induced prospective memory impairment and its relation to retrospective memory, attention, and arousal. [2006.03]

Effects of intravenous diazepam or microdose medetomidine on propofol-induced sedation in dogs. [2006.01]

Diazepam to Improve Acute Stroke Outcome: Results of the Early GABA-Ergic Activation Study In Stroke Trial. A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial. [2006]

Double-blind study of cyamemazine and diazepam in the alcohol withdrawal syndrome. [2005.10]

Diazepam tolerance effects on vestibular function testing, part II: vestibulo-ocular reflex parameters during rotational testing. [2005.09]

Diazepam tolerance effects on vestibular function testing, Part I: Saccadic parameters during electronystagmography. [2005.08]

Intramuscular midazolam vs intravenous diazepam for acute seizures. [2005.08]

Safety and efficacy of buccal midazolam versus rectal diazepam for emergency treatment of seizures in children: a randomised controlled trial. [2005.07.16]

Remifentanil for fetal immobilization and maternal sedation during fetoscopic surgery: a randomized, double-blind comparison with diazepam. [2005.07]

Comparison of the effectiveness of oral diazepam and midazolam for the sedation of autistic patients during dental treatment. [2005.05]

The efficacy of diazepam in enhancing motor function in children with spastic cerebral palsy. [2005.04]

Flumazenil-precipitated withdrawal in healthy volunteers following repeated diazepam exposure. [2005.03]

The effects of diazepam on human self-aggressive behavior. [2005.02]

Reducing diazepam prescribing for illicit drug users: a randomised control study. [2005.01]

Bedtime diazepam enhances well-being in children with spastic cerebral palsy. [2005.01]

Low-dose diazepam primes motivation for alcohol and alcohol-related semantic networks in problem drinkers. [2004.11]

The effect of ketamine and fentanyl in reducing the pain of diazepam injection. [2004.10]

Effects of intravenous midazolam and diazepam on patient response, percentage of oxygen saturation, and hemodynamic factors during periodontal surgery. [2004.10]

The anxiogenic video-recorded Stroop Color-Word Test: psychological and physiological alterations and effects of diazepam. [2004.09.15]

Therapeutic doses of diazepam do not alter impulsive behavior in humans. [2004.09]

Combined sedation with oral chlordemethyldiazepam and midazolam by nasal route in third molar surgery. [2004.05]

Effect of diazepam on adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) plasma levels in anesthetized patients. [2004.05]

Comparison of intranasal midazolam with intravenous diazepam for treating acute seizures in children. [2004.04]

Use of an analog task to study effects of diazepam on taste perception, consummatory behaviors, and risk taking in a social context. [2004.04]

Paroxetine does not improve symptoms and impairs cognition in frontotemporal dementia: a double-blind randomized controlled trial. [2004.04]

Diazepam reduces both arterial blood pressure and muscle sympathetic nerve activity in human. [2004.01.23]

Intermittent oral diazepam prophylaxis in febrile convulsions: its effectiveness for febrile seizure recurrence. [2004]

Influence of diazepam on blood glucose levels in nondiabetic and non-insulin-dependent diabetic subjects under dental treatment with local anesthesia. [2004]

Diazepam for treating tetanus. [2004]

Effects of diazepam on facial emotion recognition. [2003.11]

Diazepam or midazolam for external DC cardioversion (the DORM Study). [2003.10]

Effects of diazepam on closed- and open-loop optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) in humans. [2003.10]

The effect of variable-dose diazepam on dreaming and emergence phenomena in 400 cases of ketamine-fentanyl anaesthesia. [2003.09]

A preliminary study on oxygen saturation levels of patients during periodontal surgery with and without oral conscious sedation using diazepam. [2003.07]

Using diazepam and atropine before strabismus surgery to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting: a randomized, controlled study. [2003.06]

A method for controlling for a high placebo response rate in a comparison of venlafaxine XR and diazepam in the short-term treatment of patients with generalised anxiety disorder. [2003.06]

Rectal diazepam gel for treatment of acute repetitive seizures in adults. [2002.12]

A comparison of thiopental, propofol, and diazepam-ketamine anesthesia for evaluation of laryngeal function in dogs premedicated with butorphanol-glycopyrrolate. [2002.11]

A comparison of metoclopramide and lidocaine for preventing pain on injection of diazepam. [2002.11]

Effect of diazepam on EEG power and coherent activity: sex differences. [2002.10]

Randomized clinical trial of magnesium, diazepam, or both after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. [2002.08.27]

A prospective randomized trial comparing patient-controlled sedation using propofol and alfentanil and physician-administered sedation using diazepam and pethidine during transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte retrieval. [2002.08]

A comparison of oral diazepam versus midazolam, administered with intravenous meperidine, as premedication to sedation for pediatric endoscopy. [2002.07]

Short-term effects of intravenous benzodiazepines on autonomic neurocardiac regulation in humans: a comparison between midazolam, diazepam, and lorazepam. [2002.05]

Randomized double-blind trial of psychotropic analgesic nitrous oxide compared with diazepam for alcohol withdrawal state. [2002.04]

Comparative study of intra-articular lidocaine and intravenous meperidine/diazepam for shoulder dislocations. [2002.04]

The anxiolytic effect of the novel antipsychotic ziprasidone compared with diazepam in subjects anxious before dental surgery. [2002.04]

The effects of diazepam (valium) and aggressive disposition on human aggression: an experimental investigation. [2002.03]

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