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Tranxene (Clorazepate Dipotassium) - Published Studies


Tranxene Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Tranxene (Clorazepate)

Clorazepate dipotassium versus midazolam for premedication in clear corneal cataract surgery. [2003.10]

Efficacy and safety of trazodone versus clorazepate in the treatment of HIV-positive subjects with adjustment disorders: a pilot study. [1999.09]

Comparative study of the efficacy and safety of trazodone versus clorazepate in the treatment of adjustment disorders in cancer patients: a pilot study. [1999]

Effects of clorazepate, diazepam, and oxazepam on a laboratory measurement of aggression in men. [1998.07]

Preoperative anxiolysis with minimal sedation in elderly patients: bromazepam or clorazepate-dipotassium? [1998.01]

[Optimizing anesthesiologic premedication with reference to biopsychological theories. Exemplified by the effect of dipotassium clorazepate and zolpidem in combination with promethazine] [1997.10]

[Anxiolysis, sedation, and stress reduction following oral premedication with midazolam in adults. A comparison with dipotassium clorazepate and placebo] [1996.06]

[Comparison of the effectiveness of orally administered clorazepate dipotassium and nordiazepam on preoperative anxiety] [1995]

[Oral premedication with clorazepate dipotassium. Comparison with oral premedication with flunitrazepam and intramuscular premedication with promethazine, pethidine and atropine in adults] [1993.01]

[A comparative study of the efficacy and tolerance of dipotassium clorazepate and flunitrazepam for oral premedication] [1991.12]

[A phase III trial comparing the antiemetic activity of tetracosactide with dexamethasone in combination with metoclopramide, diphenhydramine and clorazepate during chemotherapy including cisplatin] [1989]

Long-term treatment of anxiety and risk of withdrawal. Prospective comparison of clorazepate and buspirone. [1988.05]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Tranxene (Clorazepate)

[Tolerance of prostate biopsy with use of local anesthesia and benzodiazepines: a randomized, prospective study] [2010.01]

[Comparison of premedication regimes : A randomized, controlled trial.] [2007.09]

[Does fentanyl or midazolam improve patient's comfort and cooperation when given for regional catheter placement? A randomized, controlled and double-blind trial] [2004.10]

Perioperative changes in cardiac autonomic control in patients receiving either general or local anesthesia for ophthalmic surgery. [1996.01]

The effects of anesthesia with increasing end-expiratory concentrations of sevoflurane on midlatency auditory evoked potentials. [1995.10]

[Postoperative pulmonary function after lung surgery. Total intravenous anesthesia with propofol in comparison to balanced anesthesia with isoflurane] [1995.04]

Comparative effects of atracurium and vecuronium on intraocular pressure. [1995.03]

Oral clonidine premedication prevents the rise in intraocular pressure following succinylcholine administration. [1993.04]

[Optimized analgesic sedation techniques for ESWL] [1991.10]

[Changes in affect in the postoperative phase: droperidol versus dipotassium chlorazepate] [1991.05]

[Analgesia using oral administration of tilidine naloxone for extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy. A double blind study] [1991.05]

Omeprazole for prophylaxis of acid aspiration in elective surgery. [1990.06]

[The influence of premedication with dipotassium chlorazepate on preoperative stress and postoperative pain] [1990.01]

Other research related to Tranxene (Clorazepate)

Blood concentrations of clobazam and norclobazam in a lethal case involving clobazam, meprobamate and clorazepate. [2010.11]

The beta-lactam antibiotic ceftriaxone inhibits physical dependence and abstinence-induced withdrawal from cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and clorazepate in planarians. [2008.04.28]

Acute and chronic administration of clorazepate modifies the cell surface regulation of mu opioid receptors induced by buprenorphine in specific regions of the rat brain. [2005.08.09]

Clobazam as a new antiepileptic drug and clorazepate dipotassium as an alternative antiepileptic drug in Japan. [2004]

Effect of dipotassium clorazepate on amygdaloid-kindling and comparison between amygdaloid- and hippocampal-kindled seizures in rats. [1999.12.03]

[The use of chlorazepate dipotassium (Tranxene) in the states of restlessness and agitation] [1997.11]

Effects of ethanol, caffeine, and clorazepate on hypertonic NaCl solution intake in rats. [1995.01]

Effects of a 44-day administration of phenobarbital on disposition of clorazepate in dogs. [1993.07]

A post-marketing surveillance survey on the use of dipotassium clorazepate in clinical practice in the Philippines. [1993]

[Treatment of delirium tremens--a comparison between clomethiazole and clorazepate with reference to effectiveness and rate of side effects] [1992.01]

[Evaluation of dipotassium clorazepate in pre-anesthetic medication] [1991.05]

Disposition of clorazepate in dogs after single- and multiple-dose oral administration. [1990.12]

Desmethyldiazepam pharmacokinetics: studies following intravenous and oral desmethyldiazepam, oral clorazepate, and intravenous diazepam. [1988.09]

Depressive symptoms and intellectual functioning in anxiety patients treated with clorazepate. [1988.05]

Clorazepate and lorazepam: clinical improvement and rebound anxiety. [1988.03]

Clorazepate therapy for intractable epilepsy. [1987]

Excellent results with clorazepate in recalcitrant childhood epilepsies. [1986.01]

Other possibly related research studies

[Benzodiazepine poisoning in a neonate: clinical and toxicokinetic evaluation following enterodialysis with activated charcoal] [2004.07]

[Investigations of poisonings with benzodiazepine derivatives mixtures by thin-layer chromatography] [2003]

[Voluntary poisoning by ingestion of Datura stramonium. Another cause of hospitalization in youth seeking strong sensations] [2003.06]

[Catatonia de novo, report on a case: immediate vital prognosis and psychiatric prognosis in longer term] [2003.01]

Very long half-life of paroxetine following intoxication in an extensive cytochrome P4502D6 metabolizer. [2002.08]

Pharmacokinetics of a New Anticonvulsant (CGP 33101) in Epileptic Male Patients and Healthy Male Subjects after Single Ascending Oral Doses of 400--1200 mg. [1994.10]

Differences between the tolerance characteristics of two anticonvulsant benzodiazepines in the amygdaloid-kindled rat. [2001.07.20]

In vitro drug allergy detection system incorporating human liver microsomes in chlorazepate-induced skin rash: drug-specific proliferation associated with interleukin-5 secretion. [2001.02]

Patterns of opiate use in a heroin maintenance programme. [2000.09]

Prolonged sedation requiring mechanical ventilation and continuous flumazenil infusion after routine doses of clorazepam for alcohol withdrawal syndrome. [1999.12]

[Prolonged post-anesthesia recovery in hemodialysis-induced hypothyroidism] [1998.12]

Anticonvulsant therapy in small animals. [1998.03]

[Porphyria variegata. Apropos of a case] [1995.11]

Safety and effectiveness of an oral premedication regimen before cardiac surgery. [1995.07]

Hypoxaemia and myocardial ischaemia on the night before coronary bypass surgery. [1994.08]

[Management of drug addicts (heroin addicts) by general practitioners] [1994]

Potentially toxic serum concentrations of desipramine after discontinuation of valproic acid. [1993.09]

Case study of neuroleptic-induced akathisia: important implications for individuals with mental retardation. [1993.07]

Treating anxiety while minimizing abuse and dependence. [1993.05]

Alopecia and mood stabilizers: two case reports. [1992]

Benzodiazepine withdrawal delirium with catatonic features. Occurrence in patients with partial seizure disorders. [1989.06]

Epilepsy in Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (4p-). [2005.01]

Trazodone addition for insomnia in venlafaxine-treated, depressed inpatients: a semi-naturalistic study. [2005.01]

[Prescription and use of benzodiazepins in Saint-Louis in Senegal: patient survey] [2004.03]

[Benzodiazepines and forensic aspects] [2003.11]

Time course of clinical response to venlafaxine: relevance of plasma level and chirality. [2004.02]

[Can treatment associated with ticlopidine and nifedipine increase serum levels of phenobarbital?] [2003.03.01]

[Non-oral routes of administration of psychotropic agents] [2000.01.15]

Psychotropic drug prescription in a psychiatric university hospital. [1999.01]

Effects of serum separation tubes on serum benzodiazepine and phenobarbital concentrations in clinically normal and epileptic dogs. [1996.09]

[Liver cirrhosis and granulomatous hepatitis after prolonged ingestion of lysine acetylsalicylate] [1995.11]

The effects of benzodiazepine use during pregnancy and lactation. [1994.11]

[Atypical neuroleptic malignant syndrome] [1994.05]

Benzodiazepine withdrawal reaction in two children following discontinuation of sedation with midazolam. [1993.05]

[Consumption of benzodiazepines in a university hospital center] [1992.07]

Oral contraceptives and panic disorder. [1992.05]

[Diltiazem poisoning: hemodynamic aspects] [1991]

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in a patient suffering from comorbid depression and panic disorder following a myocardial infarction. [2006.07]

Anti-conflict effects of benzodiazepines in rhesus monkeys: relationship with therapeutic doses in humans and role of GABAA receptors. [2006.01]

Excessive weight gain after remission of depression in a schizophrenic patient treated with risperidone: case report. [2006.09.05]

Flumazenil-sensitive dose-related physical dependence in planarians produced by two benzodiazepine and one non-benzodiazepine benzodiazepine-receptor agonists. [2007.06.14]

Piloerection induced by replacing fluvoxamine with milnacipran. [2007.06]

[Electroconvulsive therapy in therapy-resistant mania. A case study] [2007]

[Clinical and EEG studies of symptomatic focal epilepsy in 7 patients with colpocephaly] [2008.05]

Benzodiazepines in epilepsy: pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. [2008.08]

[Abuse of alcohol and benzodiazepine during substitution therapy in heroin addicts: a review of the literature] [2009.06]

Assessment of abuse potential of benzodiazepines from a prescription database using 'doctor shopping' as an indicator. [2010.07.01]

Muscle relaxants for pain management in rheumatoid arthritis. [2012]

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