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Somavert (Pegvisomant) - Published Studies


Somavert Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Somavert (Pegvisomant)

Cotreatment with pegvisomant and a somatostatin analog (SA) in SA-responsive acromegalic patients. [2011.08]

Comparison of pegvisomant and long-acting octreotide in patients with acromegaly naive to radiation and medical therapy. [2009.12]

A randomized, controlled, multicentre trial comparing pegvisomant alone with combination therapy of pegvisomant and long-acting octreotide in patients with acromegaly. [2009.10]

Quality of life in acromegalic patients during long-term somatostatin analog treatment with and without pegvisomant. [2008.10]

Pegvisomant for the treatment of gsp-mediated growth hormone excess in patients with McCune-Albright syndrome. [2006.08]

Glucose homeostasis and safety in patients with acromegaly converted from long-acting octreotide to pegvisomant. [2005.10]

High levels of 150-kDa insulin-like growth factor binding protein three ternary complex in patients with acromegaly and the effect of pegvisomant-induced serum IGF-I normalization. [2004.02]

A comparison of the effects of pegvisomant and octreotide on glucose, insulin, gastrin, cholecystokinin, and pancreatic polypeptide responses to oral glucose and a standard mixed meal. [2002.04]

Cardiovascular risk factors in acromegaly before and after normalization of serum IGF-I levels with the GH antagonist pegvisomant. [2002.04]

Acute effect of pegvisomant on cardiovascular risk markers in healthy men: implications for the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in GH deficiency. [2001.11]

Effects of fasting and pegvisomant on the GH-releasing hormone and GH-releasing peptide-6 stimulated growth hormone secretion. [2001.10]

Lowering total plasma insulin-like growth factor I concentrations by way of a novel, potent, and selective growth hormone (GH) receptor antagonist, pegvisomant (B2036-peg), augments the amplitude of GH secretory bursts and elevates basal/nonpulsatile GH release in healthy women and men. [2001.07]

Modulation of cortisol metabolism by the growth hormone receptor antagonist pegvisomant in patients with acromegaly. [2001.07]

Treatment of acromegaly with the growth hormone-receptor antagonist pegvisomant. [2000.04.20]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Somavert (Pegvisomant)

GH receptor blocker administration and muscle-tendon collagen synthesis in humans. [2011.06]

Impact of growth hormone receptor blockade on substrate metabolism during fasting in healthy subjects. [2009.11]

Growth hormone receptor antagonist treatment reduces exercise performance in young males. [2009.09]

Use of a GH receptor antagonist (GHRA) to explore the relationship between GH and IGF-I in adults with severe GH deficiency (GHD). [2009.03]

The effects of GH and hormone replacement therapy on serum concentrations of mannan-binding lectin, surfactant protein D and vitamin D binding protein in Turner syndrome. [2004.03]

The effects of a specific growth hormone antagonist on overnight insulin requirements and insulin sensitivity in young adults with Type 1 diabetes mellitus. [2003.09]

Lessons from 6 years of GH receptor antagonist therapy for acromegaly. [2003]

Impact of experimental blockade of peripheral growth hormone (GH) receptors on the kinetics of endogenous and exogenous GH removal in healthy women and men. [2002.12]

Effects of a growth hormone receptor antagonist on bone markers in acromegaly. [2002.09]

GH strongly affects serum concentrations of mannan-binding lectin: evidence for a new IGF-I independent immunomodulatory effect of GH. [2001.11]

Growth hormone receptor antagonist therapy in acromegalic patients resistant to somatostatin analogs. [2000.08]

Other research related to Somavert (Pegvisomant)

Combination treatment with somatostatin analogues and pegvisomant in acromegaly. [2011.06]

Coadministration of lanreotide Autogel and pegvisomant normalizes IGF1 levels and is well tolerated in patients with acromegaly partially controlled by somatostatin analogs alone. [2011.03]

Somatotroph tumor progression during pegvisomant therapy: a clinical and molecular study. [2011.02]

Inhibition of growth hormone receptor activation by pegvisomant may increase bone density in acromegaly. [2011.01]

Influence of pegvisomant on serum ghrelin and leptin levels in acromegalic patients. [2010.11]

The acute effect of a single application of cabergoline on endogenous GH levels in patients with acromegaly on pegvisomant treatment. [2010.10]

Change of symptoms and perceived health in acromegalic patients on pegvisomant therapy: a retrospective cohort study within the German Pegvisomant Observational Study (GPOS). [2010.07]

Pegvisomant-induced liver injury is related to the UGT1A1*28 polymorphism of Gilbert's syndrome. [2010.05]

Skin reaction and fever after treatment with pegvisomant in a patient with acromegaly. [2010.02]

Tumor volume of growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas during treatment with pegvisomant: a prospective multicenter study. [2010.02]

The exon 3-deleted growth hormone receptor is associated with better response to pegvisomant therapy in acromegaly. [2010.01]

Experience from the Argentine Pegvisomant Observational Study: preliminary data. [2010]

Eight-year follow-up of a child with a GH/prolactin-secreting adenoma: efficacy of pegvisomant therapy. [2010]

A Canadian multi-centre, open-label long-term study of Pegvisomant treatment in refractory acromegaly. [2009.12.01]

Pegvisomant: current and potential novel therapeutic applications. [2009.12]

Influence of disease control with pegvisomant on sleep apnoea and tongue volume in patients with active acromegaly. [2009.12]

Which patients with acromegaly are treated with pegvisomant? An overview of methodology and baseline data in ACROSTUDY. [2009.11]

Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of pegvisomant for the treatment of acromegaly: a systematic review and economic evaluation. [2009.10.08]

Somatostatin analog and pegvisomant combination therapy for acromegaly. [2009.10]

Pituitary tumor size in acromegaly during pegvisomant treatment: experience from MR re-evaluations of the German Pegvisomant Observational Study. [2009.07]

Successful use of weekly pegvisomant administration in patients with acromegaly. [2009.07]

Pegvisomant improves insulin sensitivity and reduces overnight free fatty acid concentrations in patients with acromegaly. [2009.07]

Long-term experience of pegvisomant therapy as a treatment for acromegaly. [2009.07]

The effect of acute application of pegvisomant alone and in combination with octreotide on endogenous GH levels during a 6-h test in patients with acromegaly on constant pegvisomant treatment. [2009.06]

Pegvisomant-induced cholestatic hepatitis with jaundice in a patient with Gilbert's syndrome. [2009.05]

Long-term treatment of acromegalic patients resistant to somatostatin analogues with the GH receptor antagonist pegvisomant: its efficacy in relation to gender and previous radiotherapy. [2009.04]

Combined treatment for acromegaly with long-acting somatostatin analogs and pegvisomant: long-term safety for up to 4.5 years (median 2.2 years) of follow-up in 86 patients. [2009.04]

Growth hormone receptor polymorphism and the effects of pegvisomant in acromegaly. [2009]

Long term experience of pegvisomant therapy as a treatment for acromegaly. [2008.11.05]

Follow-up of pituitary tumor volume in patients with acromegaly treated with pegvisomant in clinical trials. [2008.11]

Lipodystrophy in patients with acromegaly receiving pegvisomant. [2008.09]

Treatment of pituitary gigantism with the growth hormone receptor antagonist pegvisomant. [2008.08]

Long-term effects of pegvisomant in patients with acromegaly. [2008.06]

Pegvisomant-primed GH stimulation test. [2008.06]

The role of pegvisomant in the treatment of acromegaly. [2008.05]

Pegvisomant increases intra-abdominal fat in patients with acromegaly: a pilot study. [2008.04]

Long-term efficacy and safety of combined treatment of somatostatin analogs and pegvisomant in acromegaly. [2007.12]

Concomitant, specific determination of growth hormone and pegvisomant in human serum. [2007.10]

Treatment of acromegaly with pegvisomant during pregnancy: maternal and fetal effects. [2007.09]

[Pegvisomant--growth hormone receptor antagonist in the treatment of acromegaly] [2007.09]

Discovery and uses of pegvisomant: a growth hormone antagonist. [2007.07]

The impact of pegvisomant treatment on substrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity in patients with acromegaly. [2007.05]

Pegvisomant treatment in gigantism caused by a growth hormone-secreting giant pituitary adenoma. [2007.03]

Clinical pharmacodynamic effects of the growth hormone receptor antagonist pegvisomant: implications for cancer therapy. [2007.02.01]

Treatment of acromegaly with the GH receptor antagonist pegvisomant in clinical practice: safety and efficacy evaluation from the German Pegvisomant Observational Study. [2007.01]

Gender, body weight, disease activity, and previous radiotherapy influence the response to pegvisomant. [2007.01]

Experience from the German pegvisomant observational study. [2007]

Pituitary tumor enlargement in two patients with acromegaly during pegvisomant therapy. [2007]

Long-term effects of the combination of pegvisomant with somatostatin analogs (SSA) on glucose homeostasis in non-diabetic patients with active acromegaly partially resistant to SSA. [2007]

McCune-Albright syndrome and acromegaly: effects of hypothalamopituitary radiotherapy and/or pegvisomant in somatostatin analog-resistant patients. [2006.12]

IVF/ICSI in a woman with active acromegaly: successful outcome following treatment with pegvisomant. [2006.11]

Reductions of circulating matrix metalloproteinase 2 and vascular endothelial growth factor levels after treatment with pegvisomant in subjects with acromegaly. [2006.11]

An unusual somatotropin and thyreotropin secreting pituitary adenoma efficiently controlled by Octreotide and Pegvisomant. [2006.06]

Drug-induced hepatitis in an acromegalic patient during combined treatment with pegvisomant and octreotide long-acting repeatable attributed to the use of pegvisomant. [2006.06]

Efficacy of 12-month treatment with the GH receptor antagonist pegvisomant in patients with acromegaly resistant to long-term, high-dose somatostatin analog treatment: effect on IGF-I levels, tumor mass, hypertension and glucose tolerance. [2006.03]

Elevated transaminases during medical treatment of acromegaly: a review of the German pegvisomant surveillance experience and a report of a patient with histologically proven chronic mild active hepatitis. [2006.02]

Pegvisomant treatment in a 4-year-old girl with neurofibromatosis type 1. [2006]

Nanomedicines in the treatment of acromegaly: focus on pegvisomant. [2006]

Pegvisomant Treatment in a 4-Year-Old Girl with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. [2005.11.01]

Treatment of pituitary tumors: pegvisomant. [2005.10]

Markers of cell proliferation in a GH-producing adenoma of a patient treated with pegvisomant. [2005.08]

Pegvisomant therapy in pituitary gigantism: successful treatment in a 12-year-old girl. [2005.08]

Combined therapy with somatostatin analogues and weekly pegvisomant in active acromegaly. [2005.05.07]

Alternate-day administration of pegvisomant maintains normal serum insulin-like growth factor-I levels in patients with acromegaly. [2005.03]

Disease activity in acromegaly may be assessed 6 weeks after discontinuation of pegvisomant. [2005.01]

The place of pegvisomant in the acromegaly treatment algorithm. [2004.06]

Pegvisomant Pfizer/Sensus. [2004.04]

Pegvisomant: a novel pharmacotherapy for the treatment of acromegaly. [2004.03]

Pegvisomant-induced serum insulin-like growth factor-I normalization in patients with acromegaly returns elevated markers of bone turnover to normal. [2003.12]

Insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance improve in patients with acromegaly converted from depot octreotide to pegvisomant. [2003.12]

Pegvisomant in the treatment of acromegaly. [2003.09.26]

The effect of pegvisomant-induced serum IGF-I normalization on serum leptin levels in patients with acromegaly. [2003.08]

Pegvisomant: an advance in clinical efficacy in acromegaly. [2003.04]

Clinical use of pegvisomant for the treatment of acromegaly. [2003]

Pegvisomant. Pharmacia. [2002.05]

Long-term treatment of acromegaly with pegvisomant, a growth hormone receptor antagonist. [2001.11.24]

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