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Selenium Sulfide (Selenium Sulfide Topical) - Current Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials Related to Selenium Sulfide (Selenium Sulfide Topical)

Zinc and Selenium Supplementation in Atherosclerosis [Completed]

Influence of Selenium on Prostate Cancer Related Biomarkers [Completed]

S0000D: Effect of Vitamin E and/or Selenium on Colorectal Polyps in Men Enrolled on SELECT Trial SWOG-S0000 [Active, not recruiting]

Selenium Supplementation of Patients With Cirrhosis [Terminated]

Predicting Dietary Selenium Needs to Achieve Target Blood Selenium Levels [Completed]

Neuropsychologic and Immunological Evaluation in Treatment of Thyroid Diseases. Is Selenium Efficient? [Completed]

Selenium Supplementation of Patients With Cirrhosis [Terminated]

Effect of Selenium Supplementation on Trace Mineral Antioxidant Enzyme and Amino Acid Metabolism in Infants [Completed]

Selenium Supplementation in Pregnancy [Recruiting]

Selenium Replacement and Serum Selenium Level in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Patients [Not yet recruiting]

Selenium for Prevention of Adenomatous Colorectal Polyps [Active, not recruiting]

Selenium Treatment and Chagasic Cardiopathy (STCC) [Recruiting]

High-dose Selenium Supplementation in Patients With Left Ventricular Assist [Not yet recruiting]

S0000 Selenium and Vitamin E in Preventing Prostate Cancer [Active, not recruiting]

Selenium and Prostate Cancer: Clinical Trial on Availability to Prostate Tissue and Effects on Gene Expression [Completed]

Selenium in Preventing Prostate Cancer [Completed]

S9917, Selenium in Preventing Cancer in Patients With Neoplasia of the Prostate [Completed]

S0000B: Vitamin E and/or Selenium in Preventing Cataract and Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Men on SELECT SWOG-S0000 [Recruiting]

Selenium in Treating Patients With Prostate Cancer [Completed]

The Effect of Selenium Supplementation Among Pediatric Patients With Burns [Recruiting]

Optimization of Selenoprotein P in Chinese Subjects [Completed]

Selenium Status Measured in Blood After a Higher Intake of Fish and Shellfish - a Randomized Dietary Intervention Study [Completed]

Selenium in the Treatment of Complicated Lymphatic Malformations [Terminated]

Rwanda Selenium Supplementation Clinical Trial [Completed]

Effect of Selenium on Serum Adiponectin, Homocystein and Malnutrition-inflammation Complex Syndrome in Hemodialysis Patients [Completed]

High-selenium Lentils Versus Arsenic Toxicity [Not yet recruiting]

Effect of Selenium Intervention on Inflammation in Older Adults [Recruiting]

Selenium in Treating Patients Who Are Undergoing Brachytherapy for Stage I or Stage II Prostate Cancer [Completed]

Selenium Supplementation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients [Completed]

Partnership on Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Research in Tanzania: Exploratory Research Study on Selenium and HIV Infection [Completed]

Selenium in the Prevention of Cancer [Completed]

Selenium Supplementation Versus Placebo in Patients With Graves' Hyperthyroidism [Recruiting]

Selenium in Preventing Cancer Recurrence in Patients With Bladder Cancer [Recruiting]

High-Selenium Brassica Juncea, Irinotecan, and Capecitabine in Treating Patients With Advanced Cancer [Completed]

Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease by Vitamin E and Selenium (PREADVISE) [Active, not recruiting]

Selenium and Immune Function [Completed]

Effect of Selenium Supplementation on Inflammatory,Oxidative and Nutritional Markers in Hemodialysis Patients [Completed]

Brazil Nuts Effects on Selenium Status and Cognitive Performance [Completed]

Oral Selenium Therapy for the Prevention of Mucositis [Recruiting]

Supplemental Selenium and Vitamin E and Pulmonary Function [Completed]

Intervention With Selenium and Q10 on Cardiovascular Mortality and Cardiac Function in the Elderly Population in Sweden [Completed]

Selenium in the Prevention of Cancer [Completed]

Selenium in the Treatment of Arsenic Toxicity and Cancers [Completed]

Selenium, as Sodium Selenite, in the Treatment of Septic Shock [Completed]

Selenium and Ischemic Stroke Outcome [Not yet recruiting]

Soy, Selenium and Breast Cancer Risk [Completed]

Bangladesh Vitamin E and Selenium Trial [Active, not recruiting]

Selenium Sulfide, Ketoconazole and Ciclopirox Shampoo as Additional Treatments for Tinea Capitis (Scalp Ringworm) [Completed]

Comparison of Selenium Levels in HCV- Infected Patients at Different Stages of Disease [Completed]

Effects of Siliphos-Selenium-Methionine-Alpha Lipoic Acid in Patients With Fatty Liver and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis [Completed]

Study on Serum Zinc and Selenium Levels in Epileptic Patients [Completed]

Prospective, Non-randomized Observational Trial of Selenium in Cardiac Surgery [Completed]

Selenium in Mild Thyroid Eye Disease in North America [Recruiting]

Se-Methyl-Seleno-L-Cysteine or Selenomethionine in Preventing Prostate Cancer in Healthy Participants [Completed]

Selenium Treatment in Autoimmune Thyroiditis (AIT) [Completed]

Study of Antioxidants on Prostate Tumors in Men Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer [Recruiting]

Selenium and Arsenic Pharmacodynamics [Not yet recruiting]

Effect of Vitamin E+Selenium on Kidney Function in Controlled Hypotension [Recruiting]

Effect of Heart-lung-machine on Selenium Status of Cardiac Surgical Patients Undergoing Coronary Bypass Surgery [Completed]

Selenomethionine in Reducing Mucositis in Patients With Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Who Are Receiving Cisplatin and Radiation Therapy [Terminated]

Vitamin E, Selenium, and Soy Protein in Preventing Cancer in Patients With High-Grade Prostate Neoplasia [Completed]

The Effect of Coltect (Selenium, Curcumin and Green Tea) on Irritable Bowel Syndrome [Recruiting]

The Use of Selenium to Treat Secondary Lymphedema - Breast Cancer [Completed]

Colon Cancer Prevention Using Selenium [Not yet recruiting]

Irinotecan and Selenium in Treating Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors [Completed]

Carboplatin, Paclitaxel, Selenomethionine, and Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients With Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer That Cannot Be Removed by Surgery [Terminated]

The Effects of Nutritional Supplementation and Drug Abuse on HIV [Completed]

Selenium Supplementation of Patients With Cirrhosis [Completed]

Antioxidant Micronutrients in Malaria [Completed]

Are There Protective Effects of Antioxidants, Calcium Channel Blocker and Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Against Extracorporeal Shockwaves Lithotripsy Induced Renal Injury? [Completed]

The CRISIS Prevention Study [Terminated]

Antioxidant Supplement and Reduction of Metachronous Adenomas of the Large Bowel: a Double Blind Randomized Trial [Terminated]

Study of Antioxidants on MRI Detectable Early Stage Prostate Cancer Among Men on Active Surveillance [Suspended]

The Effect of a New Antioxidant Combination (ASTED) on Mild Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) [Not yet recruiting]

Trace Element Replenishment Study in Hemodialysis Patients [Completed]

Capecitabine, Oxaliplatin, Selenomethionine, and Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients Undergoing Surgery For Newly Diagnosed Stage II or III Rectal Adenocarcinoma [Terminated]

Selenium to Improve Neurological Outcome After Cardiac Arrest [Not yet recruiting]

Selenomethionine in Treating Patients Undergoing Surgery or Internal Radiation Therapy for Stage I or Stage II Prostate Cancer [Withdrawn]

SodiUm SeleniTe Adminstration IN Cardiac Surgery (SUSTAIN CSX�-Trial). [Recruiting]

Characterization of the Pharmacokinetics of Oral Selenium Compounds in Humans Before and Following Supplementation [Completed]

Impact Of Antioxidant Micronutrients On Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Outcome [Terminated]

The Effects of Anti-oxidants on Clinical Outcomes and Radiological Features of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury: A Pilot Study [Recruiting]

Selenomethionine and Finasteride Before Surgery or Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients With Stage I or Stage II Prostate Cancer [Active, not recruiting]

Selenium Supplementation in Autoimmune Thyroiditis [Recruiting]

Antioxidant Therapy in Lean and Obese Asthmatics [Active, not recruiting]

Effect of Supplementary Vitamins on Oxidant Gene Expression in the Lungs of Healthy Smokers [Completed]

Dietary Intervention in Follicular Lymphoma [Recruiting]

Use of Antioxidant in Endometriotic Women to Improve Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) [Completed]

Metabolic Disorders in Ultramarathon Runners During and After the Reunion Island Madmen's Diagonal [Completed]

The Efficacy and Tolerability of Coltect as Add-on in Patients With Active Ulcerative Colitis - an Open Label [Recruiting]

Methylselenocysteine Effects on Circadian Rhythm [Completed]

Therapeutic Effect of Sodium Selenite on Oxidative Stress in Patients With Severe Sepsis [Completed]

Herbal Therapy for Treatment of Recurrent Prostate Cancer [Completed]

Vitamins and Minerals for Children With Downs Syndrome [Completed]

Safety and Tolerability of Antioxidant (AT-001)for Reducing Brain Oxidative Stress [Completed]

Trial of Glutamine and Antioxidant Supplementation in Critically Ill Patients [Completed]

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