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Restoril (Temazepam) - Published Studies


Restoril Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Restoril (Temazepam)

Temazepam 10mg does not affect breathing and gas exchange in patients with severe normocapnic COPD. [2010.04]

Temazepam 10mg does not affect breathing and gas exchange in patients with severe normocapnic COPD. [2010]

Highway driving in the elderly the morning after bedtime use of hypnotics: a comparison between temazepam 20 mg, zopiclone 7.5 mg, and placebo. [2009.10]

Effects of 2-Week Treatment With Temazepam and Diphenhydramine in Elderly Insomniacs: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial. [2008.04]

Temazepam at high altitude reduces periodic breathing without impairing next-day performance: a randomized cross-over double-blind study. [2006.12]

Usefulness of temazepam and zaleplon to induce afternoon sleep. [2006.10]

Selective effects of clonidine and temazepam on attention and memory. [2005.05]

Efficacy of temazepam in frequent users: a series of N-of-1 trials. [2005.04]

Zolpidem is not superior to temazepam with respect to rebound insomnia: a controlled study. [2004.08]

Sleep-inducing pharmaceuticals: a comparison of melatonin, zaleplon, zopiclone, and temazepam. [2004.06]

Comparison of temazepam 7.5 mg with temazepam 15 mg for the treatment of transient insomnia. [2004.04]

Impact of melatonin, zaleplon, zopiclone, and temazepam on psychomotor performance. [2003.12]

Effects of after-midnight intake of zolpidem and temazepam on driving ability in women with non-organic insomnia. [2003.11]

Neurobehavioural performance effects of daytime melatonin and temazepam administration. [2003.09]

Acute pharmacological effects of temazepam, diphenhydramine, and valerian in healthy elderly subjects. [2003.06]

Errors in performance testing: a comparison of ethanol and temazepam. [2003.03]

Improving daytime sleep with temazepam as a countermeasure for shift lag. [2003.02]

Adverse effects of temazepam in older adults with chronic insomnia. [2003.01]

Acute performance-impairing and subject-rated effects of triazolam and temazepam, alone and in combination with ethanol, in humans. [2002.03]

A pharmacodynamic Markov mixed-effects model for the effect of temazepam on sleep. [2000.08]

Efficacy of activated charcoal versus gastric lavage half an hour after ingestion of moclobemide, temazepam, and verapamil. [2000.07]

Gastric decontamination performed 5 min after the ingestion of temazepam, verapamil and moclobemide: charcoal is superior to lavage. [2000.03]

Effect of zopiclone and temazepam on sleep EEG parameters, psychomotor and memory functions in healthy elderly volunteers. [2000.01]

Assessing nighttime vigilance through a three-letter cancellation task (3-LCT): effects of daytime sleep with temazepam or placebo. [1999.12.01]

Daytime melatonin and temazepam in young adult humans: equivalent effects on sleep latency and body temperatures. [1999.02.01]

What happens when doctors stop prescribing temazepam? Use of alternative therapies. [1998.09]

Effect of temazepam on oxygen saturation and sleep quality at high altitude: randomised placebo controlled crossover trial. [1998.02.21]

The effect of ondansetron on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of temazepam. [1996.09]

Lack of effect of antimycotic itraconazole on the pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics of temazepam. [1996.04]

Zolpidem, triazolam, and temazepam: behavioral and subject-rated effects in normal volunteers. [1996.04]

The effect of temazepam on respiration in elderly insomniacs with mild sleep apnea. [1995.10]

A clinical trial comparing two doses of oral temazepam for sedation of paediatric dental patients. [1995.06]

Lack of interaction of erythromycin with temazepam. [1994.12]

Effects of intravenous temazepam. I. Saccadic eye movements and electroencephalogram after fast and slow infusion to pseudo steady state. [1994.05]

Zopiclone as a preoperative night hypnotic: a double-blind comparison with temazepam and placebo. [1994.04]

Oral premedication for local anesthesia in plastic surgery: prospective, randomized, blind comparison of lorazepam and temazepam. [1994.04]

The influence of ciprofloxacin on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a single dose of temazepam in the young and elderly. [1994.04]

Bioavailability of temazepam: comparison of four 7.5-MG capsules with a single 30-MG capsule. [1993.06]

A comparison of the acute behavioral effects of triazolam and temazepam in normal volunteers. [1993]

A study to compare the effectiveness of temazepam and a chloral hydrate/hydroxyzine combination in sedating paediatric dental patients. [1992.12]

Effects of temazepam on saccadic eye movements: concentration-effect relationships in individual volunteers. [1992.10]

[Physical performance and sedation: comparative study of the effects of a benzodiazepine (temazepam) and of a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic (zolpidem)] [1992.09]

The influence of particle size on the bioavailability of inhaled temazepam. [1992.06]

A double-blind comparison of the effects of temazepam and triazolam on residual, daytime performance in elderly insomniacs. [1992.06]

Effect of temazepam on tracheobronchial mucus clearance. [1992.04]

The use of temazepam elixir in surgical dental sedation: a comparison with intravenous midazolam. [1992.02.22]

A single-dose study of the pharmacodynamic effects of chlormethiazole, temazepam and placebo in elderly parkinsonian patients. [1991.11]

Adrenergic modulation of preoperative anxiety: a comparison of temazepam, clonidine, and timolol. [1991.11]

Comparative pharmacokinetics of temazepam Gelthix and liquid-filled soft gelatin capsules. [1991.10]

A comparison of the sensitivities of adaptive tracking, eye movement analysis and visual analog lines to the effects of incremental doses of temazepam in healthy volunteers. [1991.08]

A comparison of oral midazolam solution with temazepam as a day case premedicant. [1991.08]

Effects of temazepam on sleep, performance, and rhythmic 6-sulphatoxymelatonin and cortisol excretion after transmeridian travel. [1991.07]

A comparison of the hypnotic effects of temazepam capsules and temazepam elixir. [1991.03]

Temazepam absorption in patients before surgery. [1991.01]

Dose effects of temazepam in transient insomnia. [1990.08]

A double-blind placebo-controlled trial of zopiclone 7.5 mg and temazepam 20 mg in insomnia. [1990.07]

Postoperative sore throat. A comparison after premedication with papaveretum/hyoscine or temazepam. [1990.04]

Effect of temazepam on blood pressure regulation in healthy elderly subjects. [1990.01]

Temazepam or midazolam for night sedation. A double-blind study. [1989.08]

Pharmacokinetic determinants of dynamic differences among three benzodiazepine hypnotics. Flurazepam, temazepam, and triazolam. [1989.04]

Premedication with oral slow release morphine in dental anaesthesia. A comparison with temazepam. [1988.08]

A comparison of midazolam and temazepam for premedication of day case patients. [1988.02]

Temazepam and recovery in day surgery. [1988.01]

Comparison of sedation with temazepam by mouth and diazemuls i.v. for dental surgery. Variability in absorption may influence clinical effect. [1988.01]

Human orthostatic reflexes after taking temazepam at night. [1987.12]

Temazepam versus flunitrazepam as an oral premedication in adult surgical patients. [1987.11]

Efficacy without tolerance or rebound insomnia for midazolam and temazepam after use for one to three months. [1987.10]

Evaluation of temazepam and diphenhydramine as hypnotics in a nursing-home population. [1987.09]

Pre-operative medication reviewed: oral temazepam compared with papaveretum and hyoscine. [1987.07]

Pharmacokinetics of temazepam after day-time and night-time oral administration. [1987]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Restoril (Temazepam)

Effect of hypnotic drugs on body balance and standing steadiness. [2010]

The effect of melatonin on sedation of children undergoing magnetic resonance imaging. [2006.08]

The influence of premedication and smoking. [2006.06]

Sleep maintenance insomnia: strengths and weaknesses of current pharmacologic therapies. [2006.01]

Premedication for bronchoscopy in older patients: a double-blind comparison of two regimens. [2005.02]

Evaluation of actigraphy and automated telephoned questionnaires to assess hypnotic effects in insomnia. [2004.03]

Psychological treatment for insomnia in the regulation of long-term hypnotic drug use. [2004.02]

Long-term effects of and physiological responses to nitrous oxide gas treatment during alcohol withdrawal: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. [2002.12]

A combination of intrathecal morphine and remifentanil anesthesia for fast-track cardiac anesthesia and surgery. [2002.12]

Are changes in beliefs and attitudes about sleep related to sleep improvements in the treatment of insomnia? [2002.07]

Melatonin and zopiclone: the relationship between sleep propensity and body temperature. [2002.05.01]

CNS effects of sumatriptan and rizatriptan in healthy female volunteers. [2002.05]

Ethanol, errors, and the speed-accuracy trade-off. [2001.07]

The effect of single oral doses of zopiclone on nocturnal melatonin secretion in healthy male volunteers. [2001.05]

Digitally assisted acromioplasty: the effect of interscalene block on this new surgical technique. [2001.01]

Effects of hypnotics on the sleep EEG of healthy young adults: new data and psychopharmacologic implications. [2000.11]

Conscious sedation and analgesia for routine aortofemoral arteriography: a prospective evaluation. [2000.09]

A comparison of remifentanil and alfentanil for use with propofol in patients undergoing minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery. [2000.06]

Behavioral and pharmacological therapies for late-life insomnia: a randomized controlled trial. [1999.03.17]

Analgesia for adenotonsillectomy in children and young adults: a comparison of tramadol, pethidine and nalbuphine. [1999.03]

Intensive and sustained air operations: potential use of the stimulant, pemoline. [1998.07]

Clonidine premedication decreases hemodynamic responses to pin head-holder application during craniotomy. [1998.05]

Eltanolone for induction of anaesthesia in the surgical patient. A comparison of dose requirements in young and elderly patients. [1997.10]

[Propofol and postoperative nausea and/or vomiting] [1997.09]

Remifentanil reduces auditory and somatosensory evoked responses during isoflurane anaesthesia in a dose-dependent manner. [1996.06]

Induction of anaesthesia with midazolam and a target-controlled propofol infusion. [1996.06]

Comparison of sedation with midazolam and ketamine: effects on airway muscle activity. [1996.05]

Manual compared with target-controlled infusion of propofol. [1995.11]

How "blind" are double-blind placebo-controlled trials of benzodiazepine hypnotics? [1995.05]

The Neurotoxicity Scale: the validity of a patient-based scale, assessing neurotoxicity. [1995.03]

Hemodynamic effects during induction, laryngoscopy, and intubation with eltanolone (5 beta-pregnanolone) or propofol. A study in ASA I and II patients. [1995.03]

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