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Proctofoam (Hydrocortisone Acetate / Pramoxine Hydrochloride) - Published Studies


Proctofoam Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Proctofoam (Hydrocortisone / Hydrochloride)

A pramoxine-based anti-itch lotion is more effective than a control lotion for the treatment of uremic pruritus in adult hemodialysis patients. [2009]

A pramoxine-based anti-itch lotion is more effective than a control lotion for the treatment of uremic pruritus in adult hemodialysis patients. [2008.09.24]

A group III steroid solution without antibiotic components: an effective cure for external otitis. [2005.05]

An evaluation of the moisturizing and anti-itch effects of a lactic acid and pramoxine hydrochloride cream. [2004.02]

Evaluation of topical povidone-iodine in chronic suppurative otitis media. [2003.10]

Addition of fexofenadine to a topical corticosteroid reduces the pruritus associated with atopic dermatitis in a 1-week randomized, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study. [2003.06]

Comparison of the effects of buprenorphine, oxymorphone hydrochloride, and ketoprofen for postoperative analgesia after onychectomy or onychectomy and sterilization in cats. [2002.11]

Effect of adrenergic blockade on lymphocyte cytokine production at rest and during exercise. [2001.10]

Confirmation that offspring from families with alcohol-dependent individuals have greater hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation induced by naloxone compared with offspring without a family history of alcohol dependence. [2001.08]

Adrenocortical responses and family history of alcoholism. [1999.07]

Family history of alcoholism and hypothalamic opioidergic activity. [1998.12]

Dissociation of POMC peptides after self-injury predicts responses to centrally acting opiate blockers. [1997.09]

Comparison of ketoprofen, oxymorphone hydrochloride, and butorphanol in the treatment of postoperative pain in dogs. [1997.08.15]

Beyond dorsal penile nerve block: a more humane circumcision. [1997.08]

Epidural administration of bupivacaine, morphine, or their combination for postoperative analgesia in dogs. [1996.08.01]

Interrelationship of age, depression, and central serotonergic function: evidence from fenfluramine challenge studies. [1996.03]

Noradrenergic response to acute ethanol administration in healthy subjects: comparison with intravenous yohimbine. [1995.03]

Noradrenergic dysregulation during discontinuation of cocaine use in addicts. [1994.09]

Subanesthetic effects of the noncompetitive NMDA antagonist, ketamine, in humans. Psychotomimetic, perceptual, cognitive, and neuroendocrine responses. [1994.03]

PERINAL--a new no-touch spray to relieve the symptoms of pruritus ani. [1993.12]

Hormone responses to fenfluramine and placebo challenge in endogenous depression. [1992.08]

Serotonergic function in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Behavioral and neuroendocrine responses to oral m-chlorophenylpiperazine and fenfluramine in patients and healthy volunteers. [1992.01]

Local anesthesia for neonatal circumcision. Effects on distress and cortisol response. [1988.03.11]

Other research related to Proctofoam (Hydrocortisone / Hydrochloride)

The fetal safety of hydrocortisone-pramoxine (Proctofoam-HC) for the treatment of hemorrhoids in late pregnancy. [2011.02]

The effectiveness of Proctofoam-HC for treatment of hemorrhoids in late pregnancy. [2009.07]

Effect of transdermal iontophoresis codelivery of hydrocortisone on metoclopramide pharmacokinetics and skin-induced reactions in human subjects. [1999.10]

Arginine blocks the inhibitory effect of hydrocortisone on circulating growth hormone levels in patients with acromegaly. [1993.05]

Prevention of peritoneal adhesions in rats with verapamil, hydrocortisone sodium succinate, and phosphatidylcholine. [1992.01]

Other possibly related research studies

Screening topical antipruritics: a histamine-induced itch human model. [2002.07]

Pruritus: a practical approach. [1992.05]

Comparison of the effects of cytoprotective drugs on human plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol levels with continual stress exposure. [2005.11]

Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole plus topical antibiotics as therapy for acute otitis media with otorrhea caused by community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in children. [2005.09]

Effect of corticosteroid-antibiotic agents on granulation tissue in a murine model. [2005.04]

Nelson's syndrome: complete remission with cabergoline but not with bromocriptine or cyproheptadine treatment. [2004]

Gender based response to fluoxetine hydrochloride medication in endogenous depression. [2004.03]

[Anaphylaxia induced by etoposide--a case report] [2003.08]

Adrenal function under long-term raloxifene administration. [2003.04]

Rare systemic dermatologic reaction after pneumococcal vaccine administration. [2003.01]

Effects of ketoprofen alone or in combination with local anesthesia during the castration of bull calves on plasma cortisol, immunological, and inflammatory responses. [2002.04]

Involvement of the cholinergic pathway in the pathogenesis of pituitary Cushing's syndrome. [2001.06]

Methadone patients exhibit increased startle and cortisol response after intravenous yohimbine. [2001.03]

Increased growth hormone response to apomorphine in Parkinson disease compared with multiple system atrophy. [2001.02]

The use of chitosan gels as matrices for electrically-modulated drug delivery. [2001.01.29]

Midodrine hydrochloride and the treatment of orthostatic hypotension in tetraplegia: two cases and a review of the literature. [2000.02]

[Sequential changes in hormone levels in postmenopausal breast cancer patients under long-term treatment with an aromatase inhibitor. Kanagawa AI Study Group] [1999.12]

Acute amino acids supplementation enhances pituitary responsiveness in athletes. [1999.12]

Effects of single and multiple injections of ketamine hydrochloride on serum hormone concentrations in male cynomolgus monkeys. [1998.06]

Allergic reactions after systemic administration of glucocorticosteroid therapy. [1998.11]

Treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media with topical ciprofloxacin. [1998.10]

Effects of lamotrigine on the 5-HT1A receptor function in healthy human males. [1998.05]

Clinical improvement with fluoxetine therapy and noradrenergic function in patients with panic disorder. [1997.07]

Post-Norplant implants insertion anaphylactoid reaction: a case report. [1997.05]

Therapeutic trials in 200 patients with HTLV-I-associated myelopathy/ tropical spastic paraparesis. [1996.10]

Effects of inhaled fluticasone propionate and oral prednisolone on lymphocyte beta 2-adrenoceptor function in asthmatic patients. [1996.02]

Effects of naloxone on beta-endorphin and cortisol release in sepsis. [1996]

Metabolic stress modifies the thermogenic effect of dobutamine in man. [1995.04]

Opioid peptides involvement in endotoxin-induced suppression of LH secretion in ovariectomized Holstein heifers. [1995.03]

Renal vascular responses to renin inhibition with zankiren in men. [1995.03]

Multihormonal responses to apomorphine in mental illness. [1995]

Response to maternal separation in infant guinea pigs exposed to intrapartum meperidine. [1995.01]

Specificity of ethanollike effects elicited by serotonergic and noradrenergic mechanisms. [1994.11]

Orthostatic hypotension in patients, bed rest subjects, and astronauts. [1994.05]

The efficacy of CGS 20267 in suppressing estrogen biosynthesis in patients with advanced stage breast cancer. [1993.03]

[Clinical study on benefit and safety of frequent inhalation of aerosolized procaterol hydrochloride in aged acute asthmatics] [1992.12]

A new anthelmintic assay using rats infected with Trichostrongylus colubriformis. [1992.05]

The effects of fadrozole hydrochloride on aldosterone secretion in healthy male subjects. [1992.03]

Stress and sodium hypertension in baboons: neuroendocrine and pharmacotherapeutic assessments. [1991.10]

Concurrent infections with the ruminant nematodes Haemonchus contortus and Trichostrongylus colubriformis in jirds, Meriones unguiculatus, and use of this model for anthelmintic studies. [1991.08]

The mechanisms of action of lithium. I. Effects on serotoninergic and noradrenergic systems in normal subjects. [1991.06]

A novel anthelmintic model utilizing jirds, Meriones unguiculatus, infected with Haemonchus contortus. [1990.04]

Alveolar osteitis following surgical removal of mandibular third molars. [1990.01]

Effect of transdermal clonidine on the endocrine responses to insulin-induced hypoglycemia in essential hypertension. [1989.04]

[Assessment of the antiphlogistic effect of naftifin-HCl in the UV-B erythema test] [1989.03]

Intravenous clonidine hydrochloride toxicity in pregnant ewes. [1989.02]

Naloxone affects the release of cortisol, but not of vasopressin or oxytocin, in dehydrated sheep. [1989.01]

UVB erythema inhibited by topically applied substances. [1989]

Evaluation of naloxone therapy for Escherichia coli sepsis in the baboon. [1988.06]

An immediate generalized reaction to iopamidol. [1987.12]

Treating itch in psoriasis. [2006.06]

Local cooling for relieving pain from perineal trauma sustained during childbirth. [2007.10.17]

Perioral dermatitis. [2008]

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