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Procrit (Epoetin Alfa) - Published Studies


Procrit Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Procrit (Epoetin Alfa)

Comparison of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles of one US-marketed and two European-marketed epoetin alfas: a randomized prospective study. [2011]

Maintenance treatment of renal anaemia in haemodialysis patients with methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta versus darbepoetin alfa administered monthly: a randomized comparative trial. [2010.12]

Epoetin alpha improves the response to antiviral treatment in HCV-related chronic hepatitis. [2010.10]

Epoetin alfa reduces blood transfusion requirements in patients with intertrochanteric fracture. [2010.06]

Epoetin alfa in patients with advanced-stage Hodgkin's lymphoma: results of the randomized placebo-controlled GHSG HD15EPO trial. [2010.05.01]

Dialysis patients treated with Epoetin alfa show improved anemia symptoms: A new analysis of the Canadian Erythropoietin Study Group trial. [2010.04]

A randomized controlled study comparing once-weekly to every-2-week and every-4-week dosing of epoetin alfa in CKD patients with anemia. [2010.04]

Therapeutic equivalence of epoetin zeta and alfa, administered subcutaneously, for maintenance treatment of renal anemia. [2010.02]

Use of epoetin beta during combination therapy of infection with hepatitis c virus with ribavirin improves a sustained viral response. [2010.01]

Epoetin alfa improves anemia and anemia-related, patient-reported outcomes in patients with breast cancer receiving myelotoxic chemotherapy: results of a European, multicenter, randomized, controlled trial. [2010]

Dialysis patients treated with Epoetin alfa show improved anemia symptoms: A new analysis of the Canadian Erythropoietin Study Group trial. [2010]

Effect of epoetin alfa on survival and cancer treatment-related anemia and fatigue in patients receiving radical radiotherapy with curative intent for head and neck cancer. [2009.12.01]

A pilot prospective randomized trial of postoperative epoetin alfa in patients undergoing major operation for upper gastrointestinal malignancy. [2009.12]

An open-label, randomized, parallel-group study of perioperative epoetin alfa versus standard of care for blood conservation in major elective spinal surgery: safety analysis. [2009.11.01]

A randomized controlled study of weekly and biweekly dosing of epoetin alfa in CKD Patients with anemia. [2009.11]

A Randomized Controlled Study of Weekly and Biweekly Dosing of Epoetin Alfa in CKD Patients With Anemia. [2009.09.17]

Biosimilarity of HX575 (human recombinant epoetin alfa) and epoetin beta after multiple subcutaneous administration. [2009.06]

A risk model for severe anemia to select cancer patients for primary prophylaxis with epoetin alpha: a prospective randomized controlled trial of the ELYPSE study group. [2009.06]

Bioequivalence of HX575 (recombinant human epoetin alfa) and a comparator epoetin alfa after multiple intravenous administrations: an open-label randomised controlled trial. [2009.05.22]

HX575, recombinant human epoetin alfa, for the treatment of chemotherapy-associated symptomatic anaemia in patients with solid tumours. [2009.04]

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of six epoetin alfa dosing regimens in anemic critically ill patients without acute blood loss. [2009.04]

Initiation of epoetin-alpha therapy at a starting dose of 120,000 units once every 3 weeks in patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy: an open-label, multicenter study with randomized and nonrandomized treatment arms. [2009.03.01]

Effects of epoetin-alpha on quality of life of cancer patients with solid tumors receiving chemotherapy. [2009.02]

Intravenous C.E.R.A. maintains stable haemoglobin levels in patients on dialysis previously treated with darbepoetin alfa: results from STRIATA, a randomized phase III study. [2008.11]

Randomized phase 2 study of subcutaneous amifostine versus epoetin-alpha given 3 times weekly during concurrent chemotherapy and hyperfractionated radiotherapy for limited-disease small cell lung cancer. [2008.10.01]

A comparison between once-weekly and twice- or thrice-weekly subcutaneous injection of epoetin alfa: results from a randomized controlled multicentre study. [2008.10]

Secondary analysis of the CHOIR trial epoetin-alpha dose and achieved hemoglobin outcomes. [2008.09]

Pre-operative injections of epoetin-alpha versus post-operative retransfusion of autologous shed blood in total hip and knee replacement: a prospective randomised clinical trial. [2008.08]

A randomised, cross-over study comparing injection site pain with subcutaneous epoetin beta and subcutaneous darbepoetin alfa in patients with chronic kidney disease. [2008.08]

Population pharmacokinetic modeling of epoetin delta in pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease. [2008.07]

A trial comparing local pain after subcutaneous injection of epoetin-beta versus darbepoetin-alpha in healthy volunteers. [2008.07]

Comparison of the therapeutic effects of epoetin zeta and epoetin alpha in the correction of renal anaemia. [2008.05]

Endogenous erythropoietin and a single bolus of 40,000 IU of epoetin alpha do not protect the heart from ischaemia-reperfusion injury during extracorporeal circulation for cardiac surgery. [2008.05]

Successful blood conservation during craniosynostotic correction with dual therapy using procrit and cell saver. [2008.01]

Evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of two recombinant human erythropoietin preparations: epoetin zeta and epoetin alfa. 2nd Communication: A monocentric, double-blind, randomized, single dose, three-period crossover trial in healthy volunteers. [2008]

Chronic anemia and fatigue in elderly patients: results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover exploratory study with epoetin alfa. [2007.10]

Efficacy and safety of epoetin alfa in critically ill patients. [2007.09.06]

Treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 with peginterferon, ribavirin, and epoetin alpha. [2007.08]

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of epoetin delta in two studies in healthy volunteers and two studies in patients with chronic kidney disease. [2007.07]

Once-monthly subcutaneous C.E.R.A. maintains stable hemoglobin control in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis and converted directly from epoetin one to three times weekly. [2007.07]

Hemoglobin maintenance with use of extended dosing of epoetin alfa in patients with diabetes and anemia of chronic kidney disease. [2007.05]

A randomized trial comparing immediate versus delayed treatment of anemia with once-weekly epoetin alfa in patients with non-small cell lung cancer scheduled to receive first-line chemotherapy. [2007.03]

Prevalence and predictors of epoetin hyporesponsiveness in chronic kidney disease patients. [2007.03]

Is early treatment of anaemia with epoetin-alpha beneficial to pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients? Results of a multicentre, open-label, prospective, randomized, comparative group trial. [2007.03]

Darbepoetin alfa once every 2 weeks for treatment of anemia in dialysis patients: a combined analysis of eight multicenter trials. [2007.03]

Intravenous ferric gluconate significantly improves response to epoetin alfa versus oral iron or no iron in anemic patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy. [2007.02]

Epoetin delta is effective for the management of anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease. [2006.12]

Correction of anemia with epoetin alfa in chronic kidney disease. [2006.11.16]

Relationship between hemoglobin level and quality of life in anemic patients with chronic kidney disease receiving epoetin alfa. [2006.10]

Comparison of two epoetin brands in anemic hemodialysis patients: results of two efficacy trials and a single-dose pharmacokinetic study. [2006.10]

Double-blind, placebo-controlled study of quality of life, hematologic end points, and safety of weekly epoetin alfa in children with cancer receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy. [2006.08.01]

Patients with and without rheumatoid arthritis benefit equally from preoperative epoetin-alpha treatment. [2006.08]

Ifn/Rbv treatment induced anemia and its correction with epoetin alpha in patients with hepatitis C. [2006.08]

Randomized, open-label comparison of epoetin alfa extended dosing (80 000 U Q2W) vs weekly dosing (40 000 U QW) in patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia. [2006.07]

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of once-weekly subcutaneous epoetin alfa in critically ill patients: results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. [2006.06]

Randomized comparison of every-2-week darbepoetin alfa and weekly epoetin alfa for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia: the 20030125 Study Group Trial. [2006.05.20]

Epoetin alfa in platinum-treated ovarian cancer patients: results of a multinational, multicentre, randomised trial. [2006.04.10]

Early intervention with epoetin alfa during platinum-based chemotherapy: an analysis of the results of a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial based on initial hemoglobin level. [2006.02]

Economic evaluation of weekly epoetin alfa versus biweekly darbepoetin alfa for chemotherapy-induced anaemia: evidence from a 16-week randomised trial. [2006]

Efficacy and safety analysis of epoetin alfa in patients with small-cell lung cancer: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. [2005.12.20]

Treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia in breast cancer: results of a randomized controlled trial of darbepoetin alfa 200 microg every 2 weeks versus epoetin alfa 40,000 U weekly. [2005.12]

Maintaining normal hemoglobin levels with epoetin alfa in mainly nonanemic patients with metastatic breast cancer receiving first-line chemotherapy: a survival study. [2005.09.01]

Evaluation of epoetin supplemented with oral iron in patients with solid malignancies and chronic anemia not receiving anticancer treatment. [2005.09]

Preoperative epoetin alfa in colorectal surgery: a randomized, controlled study. [2005.09]

Extended epoetin alfa dosing as maintenance treatment for the anemia of chronic kidney disease: the PROMPT study. [2005.08]

Effects of early intervention with epoetin alfa on transfusion requirement, hemoglobin level and survival during platinum-based chemotherapy: Results of a multicenter randomised controlled trial. [2005.07]

Weekly epoetin alfa maintains hemoglobin, improves quality of life, and reduces transfusion in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. [2005.04.20]

Phase III, randomized, double-blind study of epoetin alfa compared with placebo in anemic patients receiving chemotherapy. [2005.04.20]

Effects of epoetin alfa on blood transfusions and postoperative recovery in orthopaedic surgery: the European Epoetin Alfa Surgery Trial (EEST). [2005.04]

Feasibility of quantifying the effects of epoetin alfa therapy on cognitive function in women with breast cancer undergoing adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy. [2005.02]

Reduced hemodialysis adequacy after hemoglobin normalization with epoetin. [2005.01]

Hemorheological and hemodynamic changes in predialysis patients after normalization of hemoglobin with epoetin-alpha. [2005]

Epoetin alfa improves quality of life in anemic HCV-infected patients receiving combination therapy. [2004.12]

Efficacy of epoetin alfa in a retrospective non-stratified subgroup analysis of a breast cancer cohort receiving non-platinum chemotherapy. [2004.09]

A comparison of the bioequivalence of two formulations of epoetin alfa after subcutaneous injection. [2004.09]

Two-dose epoetin alfa reduces blood transfusions compared with autologous donation. [2004.06]

Haemoglobin response to subcutaneous versus intravenous epoetin alfa administration in iron-replete haemodialysis patients. [2004.06]

Epoetin alfa maintains ribavirin dose in HCV-infected patients: a prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled study. [2004.05]

Epoetin alfa treatment for acute anaemia during interferon plus ribavirin combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C. [2004.05]

Use of epoetin alfa in critically ill patients. [2004.04]

Role of epoetin alfa in maintaining ribavirin dose. [2004.03]

Effects of early and late intervention with epoetin alpha on left ventricular mass among patients with chronic kidney disease (stage 3 or 4): results of a randomized clinical trial. [2004.01]

A single institutional experience: is epoetin alpha effective in anemic children with cancer? [2004.01]

A randomized comparison of every-2-week darbepoetin alfa and weekly epoetin alfa for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia in patients with breast, lung, or gynecologic cancer. [2004]

Effectiveness and safety of an induction therapy with epoetin alfa in anemic cancer patients receiving concomitant chemotherapy. [2004]

Once-weekly epoetin alfa dosing is as effective as three times-weekly dosing in increasing hemoglobin levels and is associated with improved quality of life in anemic HIV-infected patients. [2003.12.01]

Epoetin alfa corrects anemia and improves quality of life in patients with hematologic malignancies receiving non-platinum chemotherapy. [2003.12]

Evaluation of quality of life in a clinical trial with nonrandom dropout: the effect of epoetin alfa in anemic cancer patients. [2003.12]

Once-weekly epoetin alfa improves anemia and facilitates maintenance of ribavirin dosing in hepatitis C virus-infected patients receiving ribavirin plus interferon alfa. [2003.11]

Comparing the efficacy and safety of fixed versus weight-based dosing of epoetin alpha in anemic cancer patients receiving platinum-based chemotherapy. [2003.09]

Epoetin alfa therapy for patients with hematologic malignancies and mild anemia. [2003.08]

Assessing the clinical significance of health-related quality of life (HrQOL) improvements in anaemic cancer patients receiving epoetin alfa. [2003.02]

A randomized controlled trial of haemoglobin normalization with epoetin alfa in pre-dialysis and dialysis patients. [2003.02]

Epoetin alfa treatment results in clinically significant improvements in quality of life in anemic cancer patients when referenced to the general population. [2003.01.15]

Cost-utility analysis of survival with epoetin-alfa versus placebo in stage IV breast cancer. [2003]

Multivariate regression analyses of data from a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study confirm quality of life benefit of epoetin alfa in patients receiving non-platinum chemotherapy. [2002.12.02]

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of darbepoetin alfa and epoetin in patients undergoing dialysis. [2002.11]

Use of epoetin in patients with cancer: evidence-based clinical practice guidelines of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Society of Hematology. [2002.10.01]

Darbepoetin alfa administered every 2 weeks alleviates anemia in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. [2002.10]

Is epoetin alfa a treatment option for chemotherapy-related anemia in children? [2002.10]

The use of Epoetin alfa in complex spine deformity surgery. [2002.09.15]

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