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Prilocaine and Epinephrine (Prilocaine Hydrochloride / Epinephrine Bitartrate) - Current Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials Related to Prilocaine and Epinephrine (Prilocaine / Epinephrine)

Lidocaine-Prilocaine (EMLA) Cream as Analgesia in Hysterosalpingography Practice [Not yet recruiting]

Discharge Conditions of Spinal Anesthesia With Heavy Prilocaine-Fentanyl and Heavy Bupivacaine-Fentanyl [Completed]

7% Lidocaine/7% Tetracaine Cream Versus 2,5% Lidocaine / 2,5% Prilocaine Cream [Recruiting]

Methemoglobin Levels in Generally Anesthetized Pediatric Dental Patients Receiving Local Anesthetics [Completed]

Lidocaine-Prilocaine (EMLA) Cream as Analgesia in Hysteroscopy Practice [Completed]

Anesthetic Efficacy of Liposomal Prilocaine in Maxillary Infiltration Anesthesia [Completed]

Selective Subarachnoid Anesthesia. Comparison of Hyperbaric Bupivacaine and Hyperbaric Prilocaine [Completed]

Local Anesthesia Before Arterial Puncture for Blood Gas Analysis [Recruiting]

Clinical Use of Prilocaine Chlorhydrate Among a General Surgical Population [Recruiting]

Study of NGX-4010 With the Use of Open Label Lidocaine (2.5%)/Prilocaine (2.5%) Cream for the Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN) [Completed]

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dermal Analgesia Provided by the Application of Lidocaine and Prilocaine Cream 5% on the Puncture Site of Axillary Blocks [Active, not recruiting]

Needle Procedures Success Rate After Application of Ralydan vs EMLA in Children [Recruiting]

Topical Anesthetic Use In Pessary Management [Recruiting]

Efficacy Trial of Eutectic Lidocaine/Prilocaine Cream 5% (EMLA) for Analgesia Prior to Cryotherapy of Verrucae Plantaris [Recruiting]

The Effect of Topical Anesthetics on Patients' Pain and Operative Experience During Treatment With QSwitched Laser [Recruiting]

Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of PSD502 (a Topical Anesthetic) in the Treatment Premature Ejaculation [Completed]

Comparative Study Between Bilateral and Unilateral Spinal Anaesthesia [Terminated]

Ultrasound Guided Distal Sciatic Nerve Block - a Comparison With Nerve Stimulator Technique [Completed]

Testing the Anesthetic Effectiveness of Three Different Dental Local Anesthetics Injected Next to a Lower First Molar [Completed]

Prospective Analgesic Compound Efficacy (PACE) Study [Not yet recruiting]

Spinal Anesthesia Versus Combined Sciatic-femoral Nerve Block for Outpatient Knee Arthroscopy [Completed]

Evaluation of Analgesia With EMLA and Glucose Oral Solution [Completed]

Phase I Study of PSD502 (Lidocaine Prilocaine Spray) Applied to the Glans Penis up to Three Times a Day for 21 Days in Healthy Male Volunteers [Completed]

Eutectic Mixture for Hemorrhoidectomy Postoperative [Active, not recruiting]

Ultrasound Guided Intermediate Cervical Plexus Block and Additional Perivascular Local Anesthetic Infiltration [Completed]

Topical Anesthesia Versus Placebo to Decrease Pain in Rubber Band Ligation for Treatment of Internal Hemorrhoids [Recruiting]

Effect of Local Anesthetic EMLA (Lidocaine 2.5% and Prilocaine 2.5%) Cream and Reduction in Dose, Pain and Intravenous Analgesic During Permanent Pacemaker Implantation [Not yet recruiting]

Local Anesthetic Cream in Younger Patients Undergoing Lumbar Punctures [Recruiting]

Local Anesthesia and Tuberculin Skin Test in Infants and Children [Not yet recruiting]

Simplifying the Shang Ring Technique for Circumcision of Men and Boys [Recruiting]

A Safety and Tolerability Study of Administration of PSD502 [Completed]

EMLA Topical Anesthetic During Scaling and Root Planing [Completed]

A Study to Compare the Safety and Effectiveness of a Non-FDA Approved Device Dermal Gel Extra (DGE) and an FDA Approved Device for the Correction of Nasolabial Folds (NLFs) [Completed]

Comparing Two Types of Sedation to Gynaecological Patients [Completed]

Role of Epoxy-eicosatrienoic Acids in Post-occlusive Hyperemia and Thermal Hyperemia [Completed]

EEG and Auditory Evoked Potentials During Local Anesthesia [Not yet recruiting]

Comparison Of Effectiveness of Transrectal Ultrasonography-Guided Saturation Biopsy And 10-12 Core Biopsy In Repeated Prostate Biopsies [Completed]

Pediatric Study to Access Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Oraqix Gel [Completed]

Corticosteroids and / or Arthrographic Distention in the Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis [Not yet recruiting]

Cutaneous Microcirculation and Diabetic Foot [Completed]

Jet Injection of 1% Buffered Lidocaine Versus Topical EMLA for Local Anesthesia Before Lumbar Puncture in Children [Enrolling by invitation]

The Effect of Medical Clowns and Topical Anesthetic Cream on Pain and Anxiety in Children Undergoing Allergy Skin Tests [Recruiting]

Comparison of the Effects of Vapocoolant Spray and EMLA Cream on Pain During Needle Electromyography [Completed]

A Safety and Tolerability of PSD502 (a Topical Anesthetic) in the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation [Completed]

Emla-Cream as Pain Relief During Pneumococcal Vaccination [Recruiting]

Evaluation of the Analgesy With Emla and/or Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Patients for Lumbar Puncture [Completed]

Influence of the Concentration of the Local Anesthetic Ropivacaine on the Quality of a Ultrasound Guided Intermediate Cervical Block. [Completed]

Spinal Morphine Provides an Effective Pain Control in Patients Undergoing Transurethral Resection of Prostate Gland [Not yet recruiting]

Botulinum Toxin Type A for Treating Allodynic Pain in SCI and MS [Recruiting]

Safety and Tolerability of the Derma Vax(Trademark) Clinical Intradermal Electroporation System in Healthy Subjects [Completed]

Spinal Versus General Anesthesia for Ambulatory Anesthesia [Recruiting]

Analgesic Effect of Trigger Point Injection and EMLA for Shoulder Pain in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy [Completed]

Topical Formulations of Liposomal Local Anesthetics [Completed]

Liposomal Lidocaine Gel for Oral Topical Anesthesia [Completed]

Impact of Local Anesthesia Type on Cancer Detection Rate in Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Prostate Biopsy [Completed]

Improvement of Sensibility in the Foot in Diabetic Patients Induced by EMLA-application to the Lower Leg [Completed]

Bupivacaine Pharmacokinetics Following TAP Block [Recruiting]

Randomised Trial of Eutectic Mixture of Local Anaesthetics Cream and Oral Sucrose Solution for Venepuncture [Completed]

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