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Orap (Pimozide) - Published Studies


Orap Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Orap (Pimozide)

Efficacy of pimozide augmentation for clozapine partial responders with schizophrenia. [2013]

Pimozide augmentation of clozapine inpatients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder unresponsive to clozapine monotherapy. [2011.05]

Quantitative determination of pimozide in human plasma by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and its application in a bioequivalence study. [2010.04.06]

Pimozide for tics in Tourette's syndrome. [2009.04.15]

Placebo-controlled study of pimozide augmentation of fluoxetine in body dysmorphic disorder. [2005.02]

Tic reduction with risperidone versus pimozide in a randomized, double-blind, crossover trial. [2004.02]

Risperidone versus pimozide in Tourette's disorder: a comparative double-blind parallel-group study. [2001.01]

Olanzapine in severe Gilles de la Tourette syndrome: a 52-week double-blind cross-over study vs. low-dose pimozide. [2000.06]

Effect of clarithromycin on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of pimozide in healthy poor and extensive metabolizers of cytochrome P450 2D6 (CYP2D6). [1999.01]

[Assessment of the efficacy of treatment with pimozide in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Introductory notes] [1998.07]

Relative efficacy of haloperidol and pimozide in children and adolescents with Tourette's disorder. [1997.08]

Prolactin monitoring of haloperidol and pimozide treatment in children with Tourette's syndrome. [1996.11.15]

Subjective responses to d-amphetamine alone and after pimozide pretreatment in normal, healthy volunteers. [1996.01.01]

Effects of pimozide on cognition in children with Tourette syndrome: interaction with comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. [1994.07]

Fluvoxamine/pimozide treatment of concurrent Tourette's and obsessive-compulsive disorder. [1990.11]

Controlled study of haloperidol, pimozide and placebo for the treatment of Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome. [1989.08]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Orap (Pimozide)

Non-antiepileptic drugs for trigeminal neuralgia. [2013]

The role of nutrition in the regulation of luteinizing hormone secretion by the opioidergic, dopaminergic, and serotonergic systems in female Mediterranean goats. [2011.03]

Non-antiepileptic drugs for trigeminal neuralgia. [2011.01.19]

Non-antiepileptic drugs for trigeminal neuralgia. [2011]

Delusional infestation in dermatology in the UK: prevalence, treatment strategies, and feasibility of a randomized controlled trial. [2010.12]

Delusional infestation in dermatology in the UK: prevalence, treatment strategies, and feasibility of a randomized controlled trial. [2010.02.22]

Atypical anti-psychotics in delusional parasitosis: a retrospective case series of 20 patients. [2010.01]

Treating delusional disorder: a comparison of cognitive-behavioural therapy and attention placebo control. [2007.03]

Efficacy of typical and atypical antipsychotics for primary and comorbid anxiety symptoms or disorders: a review. [2006.09]

Non-antiepileptic drugs for trigeminal neuralgia. [2006.07.19]

Does a four-week delay in the introduction of medication alter the course of functional psychosis? [1999]

Plasma beta-endorphin levels, naltrexone, and haloperidol in autistic children. [1993]

The role of dopaminergic and noradrenergic receptors in human TSH and LH release. [1989.04]

The Northwick Park "functional" psychosis study: diagnosis and treatment response. [1988.07.16]

Dextro-amphetamine diminishes negative symptoms in schizophrenia. [1988.04]

Other research related to Orap (Pimozide)

Pimozide for schizophrenia or related psychoses. [2013]

Two structurally different T-type Ca 2+ channel inhibitors, mibefradil and pimozide, protect CA1 neurons from delayed death after global ischemia in rats. [2011.08]

The STAT5 inhibitor pimozide decreases survival of chronic myelogenous leukemia cells resistant to kinase inhibitors. [2011.03.24]

Quantitative determination of pimozide in human plasma by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and its application in a bioequivalence study. [2010]

Effects of the adenosine A 2A antagonist KW 6002 (istradefylline) on pimozide-induced oral tremor and striatal c-Fos expression: comparisons with the muscarinic antagonist tropicamide. [2009.09.29]

A small-molecule screen identifies the antipsychotic drug pimozide as an inhibitor of Listeria monocytogenes infection. [2009.02]

Pimozide for schizophrenia or related psychoses. [2007.07.18]

Fetal exposure to pimozide: a case report. [2006.05]

Bait-delivered pimozide causes precocious embryo implantation in mink: a fertility control option for the exotic stoat? [2006]

Coadministration of sertraline with cisapride or pimozide: an open-label, nonrandomized examination of pharmacokinetics and corrected QT intervals in healthy adult volunteers. [2005.07]

Delayed dystonia following pimozide overdose in a child. [2004]

Pimozide in dermatologic practice: a comprehensive review. [2004]

Pimozide injections into the Nucleus accumbens disrupt maternal behaviour in lactating rats. [2003.07]

Pimozide: use in dermatology. [2003.03]

Cavernous hemangioma in a child presenting with hemichorea: response to pimozide. [2001.09]

Studies on the mechanism of a fatal clarithromycin-pimozide interaction in a patient with Tourette syndrome. [2000.06]

Pimozide for schizophrenia or related psychoses. [2000]

Effects of long-term testosterone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist, and pimozide treatments on gonadotropin II levels and ovarian development in juvenile female striped bass (Morone saxatilis). [1998.11]

Effects of pimozide on the psychopathology of delusional disorder. [1998.02]

Pimozide-induced depression in men who stutter. [1997.10]

High dose pimozide does not block amphetamine-induced euphoria in normal volunteers. [1997.02]

The successful treatment of a gender dysphoric patient with pimozide. [1996.06]

Differences between haloperidol- and pimozide-induced withdrawal syndrome: a role for Ca2+ channels. [1995.12.29]

Case report: reversible QT prolongation with torsades de pointes in a patient with pimozide intoxication. [1995.06]

Differential effects of clozapine and pimozide on fixed-ratio responding during repeated dosing. [1994.05]

Differential sensitivity of operant behaviors to changes in the concentration of a sucrose reinforcer: effects of pimozide. [1994.03]

Differential tolerance to the behavioral effects of chronic pimozide and clozapine on multiple random interval responding in rats. [1993.06]

Acute dystonic reaction with low-dose pimozide. [1993.05]

Improvement of trigeminal neurotrophic ulceration with pimozide in a cognitively impaired elderly woman--a case report. [1993.03]

Clinical uses of pimozide. [1993.03]

Possible interaction between fluoxetine and pimozide causing sinus bradycardia. [1993.02]

Successful treatment of litigious paranoia with pimozide. [1993.02]

[Pimozide in the treatment of psychogenic eating disorders] [1993.01]

Co-administration of the D2 antagonist pimozide inhibits up-regulation of dopamine release and uptake induced by repeated cocaine. [1993.01]

Successful treatment with pimozide of Capgras syndrome in an elderly male. [1992.10]

Low-dose pimozide augmentation of serotonin reuptake blockers in the treatment of trichotillomania. [1992.04]

Influence of pimozide on a TRH induced TSH secretion in the rat during food deprivation. [1992.02]

Pimozide in autistic children. [1992]

[Three cases of hyponatremia during administration of pimozide] [1991.09]

The role of pimozide in clinical psychiatry: a review. [1991.05]

Time-, schedule-, and reinforcer-dependent effects of pimozide and amphetamine. [1991]

Three thousand days of pregnancy. A case of monosymptomatic delusional pseudocyesis responding to pimozide. [1990.12]

Dissociation of the attentional and motivational effects of pimozide on the threshold for rewarding brain stimulation. [1990.02]

Pimozide therapy for trigeminal neuralgia. [1989.09]

Neuroleptic-induced emotional defecation: effects of pimozide and apomorphine. [1989.08]

Pimozide in pathological jealousy. [1989.08]

Assessment of pimozide's motor and hedonic effects on operant behavior in rats. [1988.12]

Pimozide treatment of the negative schizophrenic syndrome: an open trial. [1988.06]

Definite and sustained improvement with pimozide of two patients with severe trigeminal neuralgia. Some neurochemical, neurophysiological and neuroendocrinological findings. [1988]

Effects of pimozide, across doses and within sessions, on discriminated lever release performance in rats. [1988]

Pharmacokinetics of pimozide in adults and children with Tourette's syndrome. [1987.10]

Effect of pimozide on positive and negative symptoms in schizophrenic patients: are negative symptoms state dependent? [1987]

Medico-social evaluation of the long-term pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia. Comparative study of fluphenazine and pimozide. [1979]

Other possibly related research studies

Treatment with medications affecting dopaminergic and serotonergic mechanisms: effects on fluency and anxiety in persons who stutter. [2005]

Antipsychotic poisoning in young children: a systematic review. [2005]

Erotomania : epidemiology and management. [2005]

Effects of medications on regulation of body temperature of patients with Tourette syndrome. [2004.03]

Delusional parasitosis: case series of 8 patients and review of the literature. [2004.01]

Drug interactions of clinical significance for the dermatologist: recognition and avoidance. [2003]

[A child with peculiar movements: Sydenham chorea] [2003.02.08]

P300 changes in major depressive disorders with and without psychotic features. [2003.02]

[Delusions of parasitosis: An up-to-date review] [2002.10]

Trigeminal neuralgia: current concepts and management. [2001.12]

Gilles de la Tourette syndrome in a child with congenital deafness. [2001.12]

Delusions of parasitosis. A dermatologist's guide to diagnosis and treatment. [2001]

Effects of dopaminergic and cholinergic interactions on rat behavior. [2001.10.05]

Ophthalmic manifestations of gilles de la Tourette syndrome. [2001.07]

Plasma steroids in mature common dentex (Dentex dentex) stimulated with a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist. [2001.07]

Gilles de la Tourette syndrome: symptomatic treatment based on evidence. [2000]

Personality disorders and traits in patients with body dysmorphic disorder. [2000.07]

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