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Nifediac (Nifedipine) - Current Clinical Trials


Nifediac Related Clinical Trials

Nifedipine Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics When Used as a Tocolytic in Acute Threatened Preterm Labour [Recruiting]

Pivotal Bioequivalence FDC Nifedipine / Candesartan vs. Loose Combination of Single Components, Fed [Completed]

Nifedipine Bioavailability Study With Oral Single Doses Under Fasting and Fed Conditions [Completed]

Monotherapy-Controlled Study of Nifedipine Gastrointestinal Therapeutic System and Candesartan Cilexetil in Combination in Subjects With Essential Hypertension Inadequately Controlled on Candesartan Cilexetil [Not yet recruiting]

Individualized Dosing of Nifedipine For Tocolysis in Preterm Labor [Recruiting]

Bioavailability Of A Single Dose Of Nifedipine Oral Solution Compared To Adalat Capsules In Healthy Female Volunteers [Completed]

Nifedipine for Acute Tocolysis of Preterm Labor [Recruiting]

An Open Label Study to Examine the Effect of Coated Nifedipine Suppository on Anal Fissure Pain and Healing in Human Subjects [Completed]

A Relative Bioavailability Study of 60 mg Nifedipine ER Tablets Under Non-fasting Conditions [Completed]

A Relative Bioavailability Study of 60 mg Nifedipine Extended Release Tablets Under Fasting Conditions [Completed]

Single Dose Bioequivalence Study Comparing Nifedipine/Candesartan FDC (Fixed Dose Combination) With Loose Combination of Nifedipine GITS (Gastro-intestinal Therapeutic System) Plus Candesartan and Single Components Under Fasting Conditions [Completed]

Nifedipine (Adalat CR, BAY A1040) High Dose PK/PD Study [Completed]

Open-Label Long-Term Safety and Efficacy Study of Fixed Dose Combination of Nifedipine Gastrointestinal Therapeutic System and Candesartan Cilexetil in Subjects With Moderate to Severe Essential Hypertension [Completed]

Extended Release Nifedipine Treatment as Maintenance Tocolysis to Prevent Preterm Delivery [Terminated]

Nifedipine or Nifedipine Plus Indomethacin for Treatment of Acute Preterm Labor [Recruiting]

An Open Label Multi-Dose Study to Examine the Effect of Coated Nifedipine Suppository on Anal Fissure Pain and Healing [Recruiting]

Trial of Magnesium Sulfate Tocolysis Versus Nifedipine Tocolysis in Women With Preterm Labor [Terminated]

Effectiveness of Valsartan/Amlodipine (EXforge®) and Nifedipine treAtment coMparison in Treating Chinese Hypertensive Patients [Completed]

Nifedipine Versus Indomethacin in the Treatment of Preterm Labour [Not yet recruiting]

Study of Nifedipine GITS and Candesartan Combination Compared to Monotherapy in Patients With Essential Hypertension [Completed]

Two Dose Regimens of Nifedipine for the Management of Preterm Labor [Terminated]

Oral Nifedipine to Treat Iron Overload [Completed]

Nifedipine Treatment on Uterine Contractility in IVF [Recruiting]

Blood Pressure Control of Nifedipine GITS 60mg Treatment in Chinese Hypertensive Subjects Uncontrolled on Starting-dose Mono-therapyo-therapy. [Recruiting]

High Dose BAYA1040_Nifedipine: a Dose-comparative Study [Completed]

Indomethacin Versus Nifedipine for Preterm Labor Tocolysis [Recruiting]

Oral Nifedipine Versus Oral Labetalol [Recruiting]

Nifedipine vs Placebo for Maintenance Tocolysis of Preterm Labor. [Completed]

Nifedipine vs Telmisartan on Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Recurrence in Hypertensive Patients With AF [Completed]

REducing Blood Pressure Variability in Essential Hypertension With RAmipril vErsus Nifedipine GITS Trial [Not yet recruiting]

Nifedipine Treatment in Preterm Labor [Withdrawn]

FOCUS (Nifedipine GITS's Effect on Central Pressure Assessed by Applanation Tonometry) [Completed]

Diastolic Heart Failure Management by Nifedipine [Recruiting]

Nifedipine Compared to Atosiban for Treating Preterm Labor [Completed]

Magnesium Sulfate Versus Nifedipine for the Acute Tocolysis of Preterm Labor: A Prospective, Randomized Trial [Completed]

Effects of Adalat LA and Coracten on Drug Levels, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate in Fed Patients With Hypertension [Completed]

High Dose BAYA1040 CR: a Long Term Extension Study [Completed]

Adalat XL vs Diltiazem on Proteinuria and Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Diabetic Patients [Withdrawn]

High Dose BAYA1040_Nifedipine: a Long Term Combination Study [Completed]

Efficacy Study of Topical Application of Nifedipine Cream to Treat Vulvar Vestibulitis [Completed]

Comparison of Tab.Labetalol and Tab.Nifedipine for Management of Postpartum Hypertension [Not yet recruiting]

Low-dose Nifedipine-Valsartan Combination Compared to Up-titrated Valsartan Monotherapy in Essential Hypertension [Completed]

A Study Examining the Use of Vaginal Nifedipine With Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Levator Myalgia and Pelvic Pain [Withdrawn]

HIGH Altitude CArdiovascular REsearch in the ANDES [Completed]

An Open Label Study to Examine the Effect of Coated Nifedipine Suppositories on Anal Pressure in Healthy Subjects [Completed]

Utrogestan Versus Nifedipine as Tocolysis for Preterm Labor: a Randomised Controlled Trial [Not yet recruiting]

Losartan Therapy in Pulmonary Hypertension [Completed]

Single Versus Combination Therapy in Acute Tocolysis [Completed]

The Effect of LipoCol Forte® Capsules on the Pharmacokinetics of Nifedipine After Administering Single-dose Combination to Healthy Subjects [Completed]

The Effect of Intra-anal Nifedipine, Used As Add-on to Conservative Therapy, on Pain in Patients With Anal Fissure [Not yet recruiting]

Treatment of Hypertension With Adalat® in Combination With Other Drugs [Completed]

Study Evaluating the Efficacy of Nifedipine GITS - Telmisartan Combination in Blood Pressure Control. [Completed]

Tocolytic Therapy in Conservative Management of Symptomatic Placenta Previa [Completed]

A Study of Nifecardia SRFC and Adalat OROS in the Treatment of Patients With Essential Hypertension [Not yet recruiting]

Prophylactic Effect of Nifedipine on Further Decline in Renal Function in Patients Undergoing Open-Heart Surgery [Completed]

Oral Antihypertensive Regimens for Management of Hypertension in Pregnancy [Not yet recruiting]

Sitaxsentan in Proteinuric Chronic Kidney Disease [Active, not recruiting]

Utility of Tocolytic Therapy for Maintenance Tocolysis in the Management of Threatened Preterm Delivery [Withdrawn]

Bryophyllum vs. Nifedipine [Not yet recruiting]

Effects of the Use of Adjuvant Drugs After Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL) in Renal Calculus [Active, not recruiting]

Choroidal Blood Flow Regulation During Isometric Exercise: Effects of Ca2+-Channel Blockade [Completed]

The Efficacy, Safety and Genetic Polymorphism of Hypoca and Adalat OROS in Hypertensive Patients [Completed]

Controlled Release Nifedipine and Valsartan Combination Therapy in Patients With Essential Hypertension [Completed]

Endothelin Receptor Antagonism in Proteinuric Nephropathy [Completed]

Treatment of Supine Hypertension in Autonomic Failure [Recruiting]

Drug Discrimination in Methadone-Maintained Humans Study 1 [Completed]

Vardenafil ODT (Orally Disintegrating Tablet) - Nifedipine Interaction Study [Completed]

Post-marketing Surveillance for Hypertensive Patients With Diabetes and/or Chronic Kidney Disease [Completed]

Effects Of Sitaxsentan On Proteinuria, 24-Hour Blood Pressure, And Arterial Stiffness In Chronic Kidney Disease Subjects [Completed]

Three New Ideas to Protect Special Forces From the Stress of High Altitude [Recruiting]

Tocolytics Trial: Intravenous (IV) Magnesium Versus Oral Nifedpine in Fetal Fibronectin (FFN) Postive Population [Terminated]

Tocolysis for Preterm Labor [Completed]

Early Vascular Adjustments During Hypertensive Pregnancy [Not yet recruiting]

Alfuzosin for Medical Expulsion Therapy of Ureteral Stones [Recruiting]

Compare the Therapeutic Effect Treated With Tamsulosin and Progesterone After ESWL( Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) in Urinary Calculus [Recruiting]

Management of Acute Preterm Labor: Nifedipen Alone or Combined With Cildenafil Citrate [Recruiting]

Goal-Directed Therapy in Pregnant Women at High Risk of Developing Preeclampsia [Completed]

The Antihypertensives and Vascular, Endothelial and Cognitive Function Trial [Completed]

Effect of Renin-angiotensin System Blockers on Glomerular Filtration Rate in Patients With Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes With Normoalbuminuria [Recruiting]

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Calcium Channels as Therapeutic Targets [Completed]

Study of Drugs for High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol in American Indians With Type 2 Diabetes at High Risk of Kidney or Heart Disease [Completed]

The Effects of Cilnidipine on Metabolic Syndrome Improvement [Completed]

Drug Discrimination in Methadone-Maintained Humans Study 2 [Completed]

Drug Discrimination in Methadone-Maintained Humans Study 3 [Completed]

Chronic Hypertension and Pregnancy (CHAP) Project [Not yet recruiting]

Treatment Targets for Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy [Recruiting]

Raynaud's Treatment Study (RTS) [Completed]

Asymptomatic Cardiac Ischemia Pilot (ACIP) Study [Completed]

Black Education and Treatment of Hypertension (BEAT HTN) [Completed]

Pilot Study Testing a New Strategy for Management of Spontaneous Preterm Birth [Active, not recruiting]

Sevoflurane Versus Intravenous Anaesthetic Agents in Morbid Obese Patients [Recruiting]

Standard Medical Management in Secondary Prevention of Ischemic Stroke in China [Completed]

Efficacy and Safety of Stent Implantation in Symptomatic Extra- and Intracranial Artery Stenosis [Completed]

Renin-Guided Therapeutics in the Management of Untreated, Uncontrolled, or Complicated Hypertension [Completed]

Prazosin Vibrostimulation Autonomic Dysreflexia and Spinal Cord Injury Study [Recruiting]

Maternal Serum Level of ACTH as a Predictive Marker of Preterm Labor in Patients With Threatened Preterm Labor [Completed]

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