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Hydralazine and Hydrochlorothiazide (Hydralazine Hydrochloride / Hydrochlorothiazide) - Published Studies


Published Studies Related to Hydralazine and Hydrochlorothiazide (Hydralazine / Hydrochlorothiazide)

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Hydralazine and Hydrochlorothiazide (Hydralazine / Hydrochlorothiazide)

Pharmacotherapy review of chronic pediatric hypertension. [2011.10]

Long-term renal and cardiovascular effects of antihypertensive treatment regimens based upon isradipine, perindopril and thiazide. [2000]

Effect of antihypertensive treatment on cardiac and subcutaneous artery structure: a comparison between calcium channel blocker and thiazide-based regimens. [1998.03]

Effects of intensified blood-pressure reduction on renal function and albumin excretion in primary hypertension. Addition of felodipine or ramipril to long-term treatment with beta-blockade. [1995.02]

Double-blind study of dilevalol and captopril, both in combination with hydrochlorothiazide, in patients with moderate to severe hypertension. [1990.11]

Treatment of hypertension in the elderly: II. Cognitive and behavioral function. Results of a Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study. [1990.04]

Treatment of hypertension in the elderly: I. Blood pressure and clinical changes. Results of a Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study. [1990.04]

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of enalapril plus hydrochlorothiazide plus methyldopa vs standard triple therapy in the treatment of moderate to severe hypertension: results from a multicentre study. [1990.02]

Pill count measures of compliance in a drug trial: variability and suitability. [1988.07]

Other research related to Hydralazine and Hydrochlorothiazide (Hydralazine / Hydrochlorothiazide)

Hydralazine, hydrochlorothiazide and ampicillin associated with retroperitoneal fibrosis: case report. [1989.04]

Plasma lipid profiles and antihypertensive agents: effects of lisinopril, enalapril, nitrendipine, hydralazine, and hydrochlorothiazide. [1988.07]

Other possibly related research studies

Prevention of Hypertension with or without Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibition Precludes Nephrin Loss in the Early Stage of Experimental Diabetes Mellitus. [2007]

Prevention of hypertension abrogates early inflammatory events in the retina of diabetic hypertensive rats. [2007.07]

Hypertension in pregnancy. [2007.04]

Antihypertensive and renal protective effects of renin-angiotensin system blockade in uremic rats treated with erythropoietin. [2006.12]

Effects of tight blood pressure control on glomerular hypertrophy in a model of genetic hypertension and experimental diabetes mellitus. [2006.10.26]

Impact of antihypertensive treatments on erectile responses in aging spontaneously hypertensive rats. [2006.01]

Blockade of angiotensin II provides additional benefits in hypertension- and ageing-related cardiac and vascular dysfunctions beyond its blood pressure-lowering effects. [2005.12]

Regression of existing glomerulosclerosis by inhibition of aldosterone. [2005.11]

Enhanced intrarenal angiotensinogen contributes to early renal injury in spontaneously hypertensive rats. [2005.07]

An extremely high dose of losartan affords superior renoprotection in the remnant model. [2005.05]

[Determination of five components in compound hypotensive tablet by HPLC] [2004.08]

Changes in endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor in hypertension and ageing: response to chronic treatment with renin-angiotensin system inhibitors. [2004.09]

Elevated arterial pressure impairs autoregulation independently of AT(1) receptor activation. [2004.04]

Oral enalapril-hydrochlorothiazide-methyldopa as first line treatment for severe hypertension in Nigerians. [2004.01]

Effects of sesamin on aortic oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in deoxycorticosterone acetate-salt hypertensive rats. [2003.12]

Prevention of hypertension attenuates albuminuria and renal expression of fibronectin in diabetic spontaneously hypertensive rats. [2003.11]

Time course of vascular structural changes during and after short-term antihypertensive treatment. [2003.08]

Restoration of arterial baroreflex function contributes to organ protection in spontaneously hypertensive rats treated with long-term hydrochlorothiazide mixture. [2003.01]

[Angiotensin II receptor antagonist improves age-related impairment of EDHF-mediated hyperpolarization] [2002.10]

Fosinopril improves left ventricular diastolic function in young mildly hypertensive patients without hypertrophy. [2002.03]

Irbesartan lowers superoxide levels and increases nitric oxide bioavailability in blood vessels from spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats. [2002.02]

Induction of p27KIP1 after unilateral ureteral obstruction is independent of angiotensin II. [2002.01]

Differential effects of enalapril and irbesartan in experimental papillary necrosis. [2001]

Renin-angiotensin system blockade improves endothelial dysfunction in hypertension. [2000.10]

Apoptosis during regression of cardiac hypertrophy in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Temporal regulation and spatial heterogeneity. [1999.08]

Perindopril ameliorates glomerular and renal tubulointerstitial injury in the SHR/N-corpulent rat. [1997.11]

Comparative effects of three sites of renin-angiotensin blockade on the regression of left ventricular hypertrophy in spontaneously hypertensive rats. [1997.05]

Effects of antihypertensive drugs or glycemic control on antioxidant enzyme activities in spontaneously hypertensive rats with diabetes. [1997]

Antihypertensive drug treatment in chronic renal allograft rejection in the rat. Effect on structure and function. [1996.12.15]

Organ specificity of antihypertensive therapy on ocular albumin vascular clearance and albuminuria in the hypertensive diabetic rat. [1996.02]

Post-transplant hypertension and chronic renal allograft failure. [1995.12]

Long-term effects of brief antihypertensive treatment on systolic blood pressure and vascular reactivity in young genetically hypertensive rats. [1995.06]

Radiotelemetric BP monitoring, antihypertensives and glomeruloprotection in remnant kidney model. [1994.10]

Influence of differing classes of antihypertensive agents on mesangial kinetics following partial renal ablation in rats. [1994]

Effects of long-term antihypertensive treatment and aging on renal function and albumin excretion in primary hypertension. [1993.07]

The effects of perindopril and triple therapy in a normotensive model of diabetic nephropathy. [1993.04]

Diabetic nephropathy: a comprehensive approach. [1993.03.15]

Effects of antihypertensive drugs on the progress of renal failure in hyperlipidemic Imai rats. [1993]

Abnormal electrocardiograms and cardiovascular risk: role of silent myocardial ischemia. Evidence from MRFIT. [1992.11.16]

Antihypertensive therapy in a model combining spontaneous hypertension with diabetes. [1992.04]

Diabetic renal microvascular disease: the role of hypertension and ACE inhibitors. [1992]

Combination antihypertensive therapy with terazosin and other antihypertensive agents: results of clinical trials. [1991.09]

Effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in experimental diabetes. [1990.11]

Long-term diuretic therapy and renal function in essential arterial hypertension. [1990.05.02]

Artefacts in measurement of blood pressure and lack of target organ involvement in the assessment of patients with treatment-resistant hypertension. [1990.02.15]

Regression of ventricular hypertrophy abolishes cardiocyte vulnerability to acute hypoxia. [1990.02]

Short and long term effects of antihypertensive therapy in the diabetic rat. [1989.10]

Effects of antihypertensive drugs on glomerular morphology. [1989.10]

Renal vascular effects of antihypertensive therapy in uninephrectomized SHR. [1989.03]

Development of hypertension and life span in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats during oral long-term treatment with various antihypertensive drugs. [1989]

Captopril. An update of its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties, and therapeutic use in hypertension and congestive heart failure. [1988.11]

Felodipine. A review of its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties, and therapeutic use in hypertension. [1988.10]

Renal function before and after withdrawal of long term antihypertensive treatment in primary hypertension. [1988]

Antihypertensive treatment for the management of premature ventricular complexes. Pilot study. [1988]

Adverse reactions in the skin from anti-hypertensive drugs. [1987.12]

[Penbutolol and arterial hypertension] [1987.09.30]

Regression of hypertrophy in small resistance vessels. [1985.12]

Hypertension induces somatic cellular senescence in rats and humans by induction of cell cycle inhibitor p16INK4a. [2008.07]

Gateways to clinical trials. [2008.01]

Effect of perindopril on renal medullary blood flow: comparison with other antihypertensive treatments. [2008.03]

Reducing blood pressure in SHR with enalapril provokes redistribution of NHE3, NaPi2, and NCC and decreases NaPi2 and ACE abundance. [2007.10]

Increased renoprotection with ACE inhibitor plus aldosterone antagonist as compared to monotherapies--the effect on podocytes. [2009.08.08]

Blood pressure versus direct mineralocorticoid effects on kidney inflammation and fibrosis in DOCA-salt hypertension. [2008.11]

Increased renoprotection with ACE inhibitor plus aldosterone antagonist as compared to monotherapies--the effect on podocytes. [2009.12]

Reversal of vascular hypertrophy in hypertensive patients through blockade of angiotensin II receptors. [2008.05]

Rationale and design of the Newer Versus Older Antihypertensive Agents in African Hypertensive Patients (NOAAH) trial. [2011.10]

Effects and mechanisms of angiotensin II receptor blockade with telmisartan in a normotensive model of mesangioproliferative nephritis. [2011.10]

Antihypertensive therapy increases tetrahydrobiopterin levels and NO/cGMP signaling in small arteries of angiotensin II-infused hypertensive rats. [2011.03]

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