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Flumadine (Rimantadine Hydrochloride) - Published Studies


Flumadine Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Flumadine (Rimantadine)

A case for rimantadine to be marketed in Canada for prophylaxis of influenza A virus infection. [2003.10]

Bioequivalence of two rimantadine tablet formulations in healthy male volunteers after single dose administration. [2001.04]

Pharmacokinetics and therapeutic efficacy of rimantadine in horses experimentally infected with influenza virus A2. [1999.07]

Effect of rimantadine treatment on clinical manifestations and otologic complications in adults experimentally infected with influenza A (H1N1) virus. [1998.05]

Safety and efficacy of long-term use of rimantadine for prophylaxis of type A influenza in nursing homes. [1995.10]

Recovery of drug-resistant influenza A virus during therapeutic use of rimantadine. [1991.09]

Effect of rimantadine on the immune response to influenza A infections. [1991.05]

Safety and prophylactic efficacy of low-dose rimantadine in adults during an influenza A epidemic. [1990.09]

Emergence and apparent transmission of rimantadine-resistant influenza A virus in families. [1989.12.21]

Rimantadine prophylaxis in children: a follow-up study. [1988.06]

Relative bioavailability of rimantadine HCl tablet and syrup formulations in healthy subjects. [1987.12]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Flumadine (Rimantadine)

Safety and efficacy of nebulized zanamivir in hospitalized patients with serious influenza. [2003.06]

Inhaled zanamivir for the prevention of influenza in families. Zanamivir Family Study Group. [2000.11.02]

Evidence for cytokine mediation of disease expression in adults experimentally infected with influenza A virus. [1999.07]

Efficacy of zanamivir for chemoprophylaxis of nursing home influenza outbreaks. [1998.11]

Duration of antiviral prophylaxis during nursing home outbreaks of influenza A: a comparison of 2 protocols. [1998.10.26]

Other research related to Flumadine (Rimantadine)

Pharmacokinetics and safety of coadministered oseltamivir and rimantadine in healthy volunteers: an open-label, multiple-dose, randomized, crossover study. [2012]

Absence of pharmacokinetic interaction between intravenous peramivir and oral oseltamivir or rimantadine in humans. [2012]

Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Coadministered Oseltamivir and Rimantadine in Healthy Volunteers: An Open-Label, Multiple-Dose, Randomized, Crossover Study. [2011.10.30]

Absence of Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between Intravenous Peramivir and Oral Oseltamivir or Rimantadine in Humans. [2011.09.29]

Combination of peramivir and rimantadine demonstrate synergistic antiviral effects in sub-lethal influenza A (H3N2) virus mouse model. [2010.12]

Determination of rimantadine in rat plasma by liquid chromatography/electrospray mass spectrometry and its application in a pharmacokinetic study. [2008.03.15]

Emergence of rimantadine-resistant virus within 6 days of starting rimantadine prophylaxis with oseltamivir treatment of symptomatic cases. [2007.06]

Rimantadine and oseltamivir demonstrate synergistic combination effect in an experimental infection with type A (H3N2) influenza virus in mice. [2006]

Inhaled Zanamivir Versus Rimantadine for the Control of Influenza in a Highly Vaccinated Long-term Care Population. [2005.11]

Rimantadine in Parkinson's disease patients experiencing peripheral adverse effects from amantadine: report of a case series. [2005.07]

Amantadine and rimantadine for preventing and treating influenza A in adults. [2004]

Combined protective effect of a fungal Cu/Zn-containing superoxide dismutase and rimantadine hydrochloride in experimental murine influenza a virus infection. [2003]

Amantadine and rimantadine for preventing and treating influenza A in adults. [2002]

Managing influenza: amantadine, rimantadine and beyond. [2001.04]

Amantadine and rimantadine for preventing and treating influenza A in adults. [2001]

Comparison of central nervous system adverse effects of amantadine and rimantadine used as sequential prophylaxis of influenza A in elderly nursing home patients. [2000.05.22]

Amantadine and rimantadine for preventing and treating influenza A in adults. [2000]

A pilot study of rimantadine for patients with chronic hepatitis C unresponsive to interferon therapy. [1999.04]

A pilot study on the motor effects of rimantadine in Parkinson's disease. [1999.01]

Rimantadine for treatment of hepatitis C infection in liver transplant recipients. [1999.01]

Cochrane reviews and systematic reviews of economic evaluations. Amantadine and rimantadine in the prevention and treatment of influenza. [1999]

The roles of amantadine, rimantadine, ursodeoxycholic acid, and NSAIDs, alone or in combination with alpha interferons, in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. [1999]

Long-term stability of the anti-influenza A compounds--amantadine and rimantadine. [1998.06]

Common emergence of amantadine- and rimantadine-resistant influenza A viruses in symptomatic immunocompromised adults. [1998.06]

Influenza, influenza vaccine, and amantadine/rimantadine. [1997.08]

Combined protective effect of an immunostimulatory bacterial preparation and rimantadine in experimental influenza A virus infection. [1997.04]

Rimantadine: a clinical perspective. [1995.03]

Amantadine and rimantadine prophylaxis of influenza A in nursing homes. A tolerability perspective. [1994.07]

Combined effect of selected antiviral substances of natural and synthetic origin. II. Anti-influenza activity of a combination of a polyphenolic complex isolated from Geranium sanguineum L. and rimantadine in vivo. [1993]

[Amantadine and rimantadine against influenza A] [1992.06.20]

[Report on the therapeutic use of rimantadine and amantadine] [1992]

Safety and pharmacokinetics of rimantadine small-particle aerosol. [1990.11]

Effect of rimantadine on cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses and immunity to reinfection in mice infected with influenza A virus. [1990.02]

[Prevention of influenza A. Effectiveness and tolerance of rimantadine hydrochloride] [1990.01.20]

Amantadine and rimantadine for the prevention of influenza A. [1989.12]

The importance of virus drug-resistance in the treatment of influenza with rimantadine. [1989.06]

Efficacy of rimantadine hydrochloride in the treatment of influenza infection of mice. [1989.04]

Multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of rimantadine in elderly adults. [1988.12]

[Rimantadine in the prevention and treatment of influenza A] [1988.11]

Rimantadine pharmacokinetics in healthy subjects and patients with end-stage renal failure. [1988.05]

Genetic basis of resistance to rimantadine emerging during treatment of influenza virus infection. [1988.05]

Pharmacokinetics of a single dose of rimantadine in young adults and children. [1987.07]

Rimantadine hydrochloride and amantadine hydrochloride use in influenza A virus infections. [1987.06]

Other possibly related research studies

Antivirals for influenza in healthy adults: systematic review. [2006.01.28]

Avian influenza virus infections in humans. [2006.01]

A 5-year experience with influenza prevention and containment in a program of all-inclusive care for elderly adults. [2005.05]

Pandemic influenza: is an antiviral response realistic? [2004.11]

In vitro susceptibility of 10 clinical isolates of SARS coronavirus to selected antiviral compounds. [2004.09]

Avian influenza: a new pandemic threat? [2004.04]

Neuraminidase inhibitors in patients with underlying airways disease. [2002]

Management of influenza in adults older than 65 years of age: cost-effectiveness of rapid testing and antiviral therapy. [2003.09.02]

Review of the use of neuraminidase inhibitors for prophylaxis of influenza. [2003.06]

[3-substituted analogs of remantadine: synthesis and antiherpetic activity in Vero cells] [2002]

Treatment of epidemic and pandemic influenza with neuraminidase and M2 proton channel inhibitors. [2003.01]

Antivirals for influenza: what is their role in the older patient? [2002]

Current strategies for management of influenza in the elderly population. [2002.09.15]

Economic analysis of influenza vaccination and antiviral treatment for healthy working adults. [2002.08.20]

Nosocomial transmission of influenza. [2002.08]

Antiviral therapy of influenza. [2002.04]

Antiviral therapy for influenza virus infections. [2002.01]

Prevention and control of influenza. Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). [2002.04.12]

Influenza in the acute hospital setting. [2002.03]

Perspectives on antiviral use during pandemic influenza. [2001.12.29]

Vaccines for pneumonia and new antiviral therapies. [2001.11]

Prophylaxis and treatment of influenza virus infection. [2001]

Influenza virus and rhinovirus-related otitis media: potential for antiviral intervention. [2000.12.08]

The neuraminidase inhibitor GS4104 (oseltamivir phosphate) is efficacious against A/Hong Kong/156/97 (H5N1) and A/Hong Kong/1074/99 (H9N2) influenza viruses. [2000.11]

Reintroduction of influenza A to a nursing building. [2000.11]

Prevention and treatment of influenza in immunocompromised patients. [1997.03.17]

Antiviral agents for treating influenza. [2000.02]

Updated treatment for influenza A and B. [2000.12.01]

Measures for control of influenza. [1999]

Prevention and early treatment of influenza in healthy adults. [2000.01.06]

Underused options for preventing and treating influenza. [1999.01]

[Chemotherapeutics for treatment of influenza and other viral respiratory tract infections in children] [1998]

Strategies for prevention of community-acquired pneumonia. [1998.03]

Emergence of drug resistance during an influenza epidemic: insights from a mathematical model. [1998.04]

Antiviral drugs in healthy children. [1998.03.01]

Outbreaks of influenza A and B in a highly immunized nursing home population. [1997.12]

[Current status of research and development for anti-influenza virus drugs--chemotherapy for influenza] [1997.10]

Antivirals for pandemic influenza. [1997.08]

Use of antivirals in influenza in the elderly: prophylaxis and therapy. [1996]

Combination antiviral therapy for respiratory virus infections. [1996.01]

Viral respiratory infections in the community: epidemiology, agents, and interventions. [1995.12.29]

Anti-infective therapy for viral pneumonia. [1995.12]

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