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Drisdol (Ergocalciferol) - Current Clinical Trials


Drisdol Related Clinical Trials

Sustainability of Vitamin D Levels After Repletion With Ergocalciferol In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5D [Recruiting]

Availability of Vitamin D in Orange Juice [Completed]

Efficacy Of Ergocalciferol In Adults According To BMI [Recruiting]

Safety and Bioefficacy of Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 [Completed]

Pharmacokinetic Comparison of Vitamin's D2 and D3 in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis [Completed]

Bioavailability and Biological Effects of Vitamin D2 Contained in Mushroom [Completed]

Efficacy of Vitamin D2 to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral and Bone Disorder [Enrolling by invitation]

Relative Efficacy of Vitamins D2 and D3 in Adult Humans [Completed]

Effects of Ergocalciferol on Erythropoetin Stimulating Agent Dose [Terminated]

Effect of Vitamin D Oral Supplements on 25 OH Vitamin D Levels [Recruiting]

Differential Effects of Ergocalciferol and Cholecalciferol Therapies in Chronic Kidney Disease [Completed]

The BreaD Study - Bio-availability of D2 Vitamin Present in Bread [Completed]

Ergocalciferol Therapy in Calcidiol Deficient, Hemodialysis Patients on Therapeutic Doses of Paricalcitol [Completed]

A Study of Oral Ergocalciferol to Treat Pruritis in Hemodialysis Patients [Completed]

Vitamin D Repletion in Stone Formers With Hypercalciuria [Completed]

Evaluating Vitamin D Content in Mushrooms [Recruiting]

Vitamin D, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and the Microcirculation [Completed]

Effect of Consumption of Post-harvest UV-B Treated Mushrooms on Vitamin D Status of Healthy Adults [Completed]

Vitamin D Deficiency in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients [Completed]

Phase III Trial of High Dose vs. Standard Dose Vit D2 With Docetaxel in Met Breast ca [Recruiting]

Safety and Effects of Supplementation With Ergocalciferol on Erythropoietin Dosing in Hemodialysis Patients [Completed]

Vitamin D and Inflammatory Markers of Cardiovascular Disease in African Americans With Type 2 Diabetes [Active, not recruiting]

How Bone is Made in Children Receiving Dialysis [Recruiting]

Vitamin D and Genetics in Nutritional Rickets [Completed]

Vitamin D2, Muscle Damage, NASCAR Pitcrew [Completed]

Study Comparing Two Isoforms of Vitamin D Supplements for Infants [Completed]

Vitamin D Supplementation and Metabolism in Vitamin D Deficient Elderly [Terminated]

African American Children, Glycemic Control, and Type 2 Diabetes [Completed]

Vitamin D Supplement Study for Stage Three and Four Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients [Recruiting]

Ergocalciferol in Chronic Kidney Disease [Completed]

DIVINE: Dialysis Infection and Vitamin D In New England [Completed]

Optimizing Treatment Programs for Chronic Kidney Disease-mineral and Bone Disorder and Malnutrition [Enrolling by invitation]

Vitamin D in Pediatric Asthma: a Randomized Controlled Open-label Pilot Trial [Recruiting]

Efficacy of Vitamin D Therapy on Glucose Homeostasis in Obese Adolescents [Recruiting]

Vitamin D Repletion in Coronary Artery Disease [Completed]

Effects of Vitamin D Insufficiency in Man [Recruiting]

A Randomised, Controlled Comparison of Vitamin D Strategies is Acute Hip Fracture Patients [Completed]

Vitamin D Levels in Children With IBD [Recruiting]

Treatment of Hypovitaminosis D in Rheumatoid Arthritis [Completed]

Improving Vitamin D Status In Cystic Fibrosis [Completed]

hCAP18 Levels and Vitamin D Deficiency in Chronic Kidney Disease [Recruiting]

Different Vitamin D Preparations & FGF23 in Humans [Completed]

Vitamin D Deficiency in Adolescent Girls [Completed]

Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis [Active, not recruiting]

Clinical Approaches to Correcting Vitamin D Inadequacy and Maintaining Adequacy [Completed]

Vitamin D Supplementation in Psychiatric Illnesses [Completed]

Vitamin D for Improving Metabolic Control and Depressive Symptoms [Completed]

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Obese Adolescents [Completed]

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Coronary Calcification and Parathyroid Hormone in CKD Patients [Recruiting]

Vitamin D 2 to Dialysis Patients [Not yet recruiting]

Calcium, Vitamin D and Metformin to Treat Insulin Resistance in Obese African American Adolescent Females [Withdrawn]

hCAP18 Levels and Vitamin D Deficiency in Healthy Subjects [Completed]

Prospective Intervention Study on Vitamin D in Patients With Cystic Fibrosis [Recruiting]

Vitamin D Deficiency, Insulin Resistance and FGF-23 [Completed]

Evaluation of Vitamin D Status in Children With Acute Burns [Completed]

Vitamin D for Painful Nocturnal Leg Cramps [Terminated]

Effects of Vitamin D Replacement in Patients With Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) [Active, not recruiting]

Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Antimycobacterial Immunity [Completed]

Vitamin D and Cardiac Autonomic Tone in Hemodialysis [Active, not recruiting]

Is Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency Associated With Resolution of Statin-Induced Muscular Symptoms [Recruiting]

Identification of Markers for Determining the Efficacy of Vitamin D Receptor Activator Therapy in Stage 3/4 CKD Patients [Completed]

D Vitamin Intervention in VA [Completed]

Vitamin D and Carboxy PTH Fragments in Coronary Calcification [Withdrawn]

Vitamin D During In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) - A Prospective Randomized Trial [Enrolling by invitation]

Safety and Efficacy of Alendronate (Fosamax) in Children With Osteoporosis [Completed]

Does Treatment of Hypovitaminosis D Increase Calcium Absorption? [Completed]

Testosterone Pellets Plus Vitamin D and E Versus Vitamin D and E Alone for the Treatment of Peyronie's Disease [Active, not recruiting]

Effect of Vitamin D Replacement on Insulin Sensitivity [Completed]

Vitamin D as a Modifier of Serum Hepcidin in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease [Recruiting]

Health Benefits of Vitamin D and Calcium in Women With PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) [Completed]

"Evaluation of Potential Vitamin D Effects on Muscle: a Pilot Study." [Completed]

Study of Vitamin D and Uric Acid Lowering on Kidney and Blood Vessel Function [Completed]

Wheezing in Black Preterm Infants: Impact of Vitamin D Supplementation Strategy [Recruiting]

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation in Young South African Children Hospitalized With Acute Lower Respiratory Infection [Not yet recruiting]

Vitamin D Administration in the Nursing Home [Completed]

Vitamin D Deficiency and Atopic Dermatitis [Terminated]

The Effects of Vitamin D Repletion in Vitamin D Deficient Patients With Stage 3 and 4 Chronic Kidney Disease [Completed]

Vitamin D Supplements for HIV-positive Patients on cART [Recruiting]

Calcium and High-dose Vitamin D Supplementation on Bone Mineral Density Among HIV-infected Children and Adolescents [Not yet recruiting]

Effects of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation on Inflammatory Biomarkers and Adypocytokines in Diabetic Patients [Recruiting]

The Efficacy and Safety of Calcitriol for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis and Persistent Proteinuria [Withdrawn]

Role of Extrarenal 1-Alpha-Hydroxylase in Patients With End Stage Renal Disease [Completed]

Vitamin D3 for the Treatment of Low Vitamin D in Cystic Fibrosis [Withdrawn]

Comparison of Cholecalciferol Versus Doxercalciferol in the Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage Three and Four [Completed]

Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acid on Vitamin D Activation [Completed]

Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency in Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic Patients With a Portable Ultraviolet B Lamp [Recruiting]

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Erythropoietin Dosage in Hemodialysis Patients Who Have Vitamin D Deficiency [Withdrawn]

Vitamin D and Pregnancy: Camden Study [Completed]

The Role of Vitamin D in Immune Function in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stages 3 and 4. [Completed]

Nutrition, Exercise, and Breast Cancer Survivorship [Active, not recruiting]

Follow-up Study With Clinical Vitamin D Supplementation Trial on Patients With Depression (DepFuD) [Not yet recruiting]

Vitamin D Supplementation in Postmenopausal Women With Osteoporosis: Proposal of a Therapeutic Regimen in Practice [Active, not recruiting]

Vitamin D Supplementation Can Improve Heart Function in Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy [Not yet recruiting]

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