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Bumex (Bumetanide) - Published Studies


Bumex Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Bumex (Bumetanide)

The use of bumetanide for oliguric acute renal failure in preterm infants. [2011.03]

The use of bumetanide for oliguric acute renal failure in preterm infants. [2010.07.09]

Loop Diuretics Increase Bone Turnover and Decrease BMD in Osteopenic Postmenopausal Women: Results From a Randomized Controlled Study With Bumetanide. [2006.01]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Bumex (Bumetanide)

Genetic variation in the renal sodium transporters NKCC2, NCC, and ENaC in relation to the effects of loop diuretic drugs. [2007.09]

Dosage dependent hormonal counter regulation to combination therapy in patients with left ventricular dysfunction. [2006.04]

Other research related to Bumex (Bumetanide)

Age- and region-specific effects of anticonvulsants and bumetanide on 4-aminopyridine-induced seizure-like events in immature rat hippocampal-entorhinal cortex slices. [2011.01]

The diuretic bumetanide decreases autistic behaviour in five infants treated during 3 months with no side effects. [2010.12]

The diuretic bumetanide decreases autistic behaviour in five infants treated during 3 months with no side effects. [2010.07.01]

Bumetanide alleviates epileptogenic and neurotoxic effects of sevoflurane in neonatal rat brain. [2010.03]

Bumetanide-induced enlargement of the rat intrastrial space and effects of a vasopressin type 2 antagonist. [2010.02]

Bumetanide-induced enlargement of the rat intrastrial space and effects of a vasopressin type 2 antagonist. [2010]

Bumetanide inhibits rapid kindling in neonatal rats. [2009.09]

Decreased seizure activity in a human neonate treated with bumetanide, an inhibitor of the Na(+)-K(+)-2Cl(-) cotransporter NKCC1. [2009.05]

The bumetanide-sensitive Na-K-2Cl cotransporter NKCC1 as a potential target of a novel mechanism-based treatment strategy for neonatal seizures. [2008.09]

Bumetanide enhances phenobarbital efficacy in a neonatal seizure model. [2008.02]

Detection of bumetanide in an over-the-counter dietary supplement. [2007.11]

Bumetanide administration attenuated traumatic brain injury through IL-1 overexpression. [2007.06]

Other possibly related research studies

Relation of loop diuretic dose to mortality in advanced heart failure. [2006.06.15]

Fracture risk in patients treated with loop diuretics. [2006.01]

NKCC1 transporter facilitates seizures in the developing brain. [2005.11]

Combination therapy with metolazone and loop diuretics in outpatients with refractory heart failure: an observational study and review of the literature. [2005.08]

Ionic mechanism of forskolin-induced liquid secretion by porcine bronchi. [2006.01]

Na(+)-dependent chloride transporter (NKCC1)-null mice exhibit less gray and white matter damage after focal cerebral ischemia. [2005.01]

Dietary genistein stimulates anion secretion across female murine intestine. [2006.11]

Efficacy and safety of a furosemide continuous infusion following cardiac surgery. [2006.10]

Rosiglitazone regulates ENaC and Na-K-2Cl cotransporter (NKCC2) abundance in the obese Zucker rat. [2006]

[Diuretic therapy in heart failure] [2006.01]

Aldosterone infusion with high-NaCl diet increases blood pressure in obese but not lean Zucker rats. [2006.09]

17-beta Estradiol attenuates streptozotocin-induced diabetes and regulates the expression of renal sodium transporters. [2006.02]

Escherichia coli heat stable (STa) enterotoxin and the upper small intestine: lack of evidence in vivo for net fluid secretion. [2005.07]

Renal ENaC subunit, Na-K-2Cl and Na-Cl cotransporter abundances in aged, water-restricted F344 x Brown Norway rats. [2006.01]

Restoration of mucociliary transport in the fluid-depleted trachea by surface-active instillates. [2006.04]

Talniflumate increases survival in a cystic fibrosis mouse model of distal intestinal obstructive syndrome. [2006.04]

Probable loop diuretic-induced pancreatitis in a sulfonamide-allergic patient. [2006.01]

Electrophysiological effects of O2*- on the plasma membrane in vascular endothelial cells. [2005.12]

Relationships between membrane lipids and ion transport in red blood cells of Dahl rats. [2005.08.12]

The role of Na-K-Cl co-transporter in cerebral ischemia. [2005.04]

BSC1 inhibition complements effects of vasopressin V2 receptor antagonist on hyponatremia in SIADH rats. [2005.05]

Peripheral and central antinociceptive action of Na+-K+-2Cl- cotransporter blockers on formalin-induced nociception in rats. [2005.03]

Severe citrate toxicity complicating volunteer apheresis platelet donation. [2007.02]

Recovery of mucosal barrier function in ischemic porcine ileum and colon is stimulated by a novel agonist of the ClC-2 chloride channel, lubiprostone. [2007.02]

Hospital policies for treatment of acute decompensated heart failure. [2007.04]

Replication of segment-specific and intercalated cells in the mouse renal collecting system. [2007.04]

Sex and body-type interactions in the regulation of renal sodium transporter levels, urinary excretion, and activity in lean and obese Zucker rats. [2006.12]

Diuretics: from classical carbonic anhydrase inhibitors to novel applications of the sulfonamides. [2008]

Pharmacologic approaches for volume excess in acute kidney injury (AKI). [2008.02]

Chronic noradrenaline increases renal expression of NHE-3, NBC-1, BSC-1 and aquaporin-2. [2008.05]

Intracellular and extracellular renin have opposite effects on the regulation of heart cell volume. Implications for myocardial ischaemia. [2008.06]

The association between high-dose diuretics and clinical stability in ambulatory chronic heart failure patients. [2008.06]

Random Stimulation of Spider Mechanosensory Neurons Reveals Long-Lasting Excitation by GABA and Muscimol. [2009.01]

Cellular mechanisms underlying the laxative effect of flavonol naringenin on rat constipation model. [2008.10.03]

Effect of hypouricaemic and hyperuricaemic drugs on the renal urate efflux transporter, multidrug resistance protein 4. [2008.12]

Bradykinin regulates human colonic ion transport in vitro. [2008.10]

Layer-specific generation and propagation of seizures in slices of developing neocortex: role of excitatory GABAergic synapses. [2008.08]

Prenatal programming of rat thick ascending limb chloride transport by low-protein diet and dexamethasone. [2009.07]

Abundance of the Na-K-2Cl cotransporter NKCC2 is increased by high-fat feeding in Fischer 344 X Brown Norway (F1) rats. [2009.04]

The role of chloride channels in rat corpus cavernosum: in vivo study. [2009.03]

NKCC1 (SLC12a2) induces a secondary axis in Xenopus laevis embryos independently of its co-transporter function. [2009.02.01]

Evaluation of development-specific targets for antiepileptogenic therapy using rapid kindling. [2010.07]

Expression of Na-K-Cl cotransporter and edema formation are age dependent after ischemic stroke. [2010.08]

Gastroenteritis with severe consequences: a case of sotalol-induced torsades de pointes. [2009.12]

A comprehensive review of the loop diuretics: should furosemide be first line? [2009.11]

GABAA receptors mediate excitation in adult rat GnRH neurons. [2009.08]

Antiepileptic effects of endogenous beta-hydroxybutyrate in suckling infant rats. [2011.06]

Na-K-Cl cotransporter-1 in the mechanism of cell swelling in cultured astrocytes after fluid percussion injury. [2011.05]

Resolution of headache and papilledema in idiopathic intracranial hypertension associated with inhibition of Na+-K+-2Cl- cotransport. [2011.02]

Lubiprostone reverses the inhibitory action of morphine on mucosal secretion in human small intestine. [2011.02]

Human sodium phosphate transporter 4 (hNPT4/SLC17A3) as a common renal secretory pathway for drugs and urate. [2010.11.05]

Loop diuretics for patients receiving blood transfusions. [2015]

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