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Apexicon E (Diflorasone Diacetate Topical) - Published Studies


Apexicon E Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Apexicon E (Diflorasone Topical)

Comparative efficacy of once-daily flurandrenolide tape versus twice-daily diflorasone diacetate ointment in the treatment of psoriasis. [1998.02]

Diflorasone diacetate ointment 0.05% versus betamethasone dipropionate ointment 0.05% in moderate-severe plaque-type psoriasis. [1993]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Apexicon E (Diflorasone Topical)

Do holding exercises or antimuscarinics increase maximum voided volume in monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis? A randomized controlled trial in children. [2007.11]

Step into Motion: A randomized trial examining the relative efficacy of Internet vs. print-based physical activity interventions. [2007.11]

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of repeated IV antibiotic therapy for Lyme encephalopathy. [2007.10.10]

Randomized phase II study of erlotinib combined with bevacizumab compared with bevacizumab alone in metastatic renal cell cancer. [2007.10.10]

COPD education and cognitive behavioral therapy group treatment for clinically significant symptoms of depression and anxiety in COPD patients: a randomized controlled trial. [2007.10.09]

Characterization and Prognostic Value of Persistent Hyponatremia in Patients With Severe Heart Failure in the ESCAPE Trial. [2007.10.08]

Evaluation of anti-Mullerian hormone as a test for the prediction of ovarian reserve. [2007.10.06]

Multicenter, 4-Week, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Lubiprostone, a Locally-Acting Type-2 Chloride Channel Activator, in Patients With Chronic Constipation. [2007.10.04]

Clinical trial outcome in neuropathic pain. Relationship to study characteristics. [2007.10.03]

Treatment of Hepatitis B e Antigen-Positive Chronic Hepatitis with Telbivudine or Adefovir: A Randomized Trial. [2007.10.01]

Two-Year Outcome of an Intervention Program for University Students Who Have Parents With Alcohol Problems: A Randomized Controlled Trial. [2007.10.01]

Association between Arsenic Exposure from Drinking Water and Plasma Levels of Soluble Cell Adhesion Molecules. [2007.10]

Alterations of the oropharyngeal microbial flora after adenotonsillectomy in children: a randomized controlled trial. [2007.10]

Serum zinc and pneumonia in nursing home elderly. [2007.10]

Effect of vitamin A and zinc supplementation on gastrointestinal parasitic infections among Mexican children. [2007.10]

Acupuncture for chronic shoulder pain in persons with spinal cord injury: a small-scale clinical trial. [2007.10]

Comparison of a Functional Restoration Program With Active Individual Physical Therapy for Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. [2007.10]

Intervention for Verb Argument Structure in Children With Persistent SLI: A Randomized Control Trial. [2007.10]

Progesterone vaginal gel for the reduction of recurrent preterm birth: primary results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. [2007.10]

The role of inflammation and infection in the pathogenesis of prostate carcinoma. [2007.10]

Health behaviors of cancer survivors: data from an Australian population-based survey. [2007.10]

Effects of live exposure on symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder: The role of reduced behavioral avoidance in improvement. [2007.10]

Clinical effectiveness of a rehabilitation program integrating exercise, self-management, and active coping strategies for chronic knee pain: A cluster randomized trial. [2007.09.28]

Estrogen therapy reduces nocturnal periodic limb movements. [2007.09.28]

Zoledronic Acid and Clinical Fractures and Mortality after Hip Fracture. [2007.09.26]

Effects of random allocation to vitamin E supplementation on the occurrence of venous thromboembolism: report from the Women's Health Study. [2007.09.25]

Statistical choices can affect inferences about treatment efficacy: A case study from obsessive-compulsive disorder research. [2007.09.22]

Finasteride and high-grade prostate cancer in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial. [2007.09.19]

The Canadian ACE-inhibitor trial to improve renal outcomes and patient survival in kidney transplantation study design. [2007.09.10]

A randomized clinical trial of a brief hypnosis intervention to control side effects in breast surgery patients. [2007.09.05]

Brachial artery vasoreactivity is associated with cross-sectional and longitudinal anatomical measures of atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease. [2007.09.03]

The Effect of Chinese Medicinal Herbs in Relieving Menopausal Symptoms in Ovariectomized Chinese Women. [2007.09]

How does the persistence of depression influence the continuity and type of health insurance and coverage limits on mental health therapy? [2007.09]

Attenuation of the September epidemic of asthma exacerbations in children: a randomized, controlled trial of montelukast added to usual therapy. [2007.09]

In vivo pharmacokinetics and in vitro pharmacodynamics of nepafenac, amfenac, ketorolac, and bromfenac. [2007.09]

Antioxidant supplementation increases the risk of skin cancers in women but not in men. [2007.09]

Interlaboratory reproducibility of liquid-based equivocal cervical cytology within a randomized controlled trial framework. [2007.09]

Comparison of J5 vaccinates and controls for incidence, etiologic agent, clinical severity, and survival in the herd following naturally occurring cases of clinical mastitis. [2007.09]

Antioxidant diet supplementation enhances aerobic performance in amateur sportsmen. [2007.09]

Evaluating readiness and treatment seeking effects in a pharmacotherapy trial for alcohol dependence. [2007.09]

A long-term effect of epalrestat on motor conduction velocity of diabetic patients: ARI-Diabetes Complications Trial (ADCT). [2007.09]

Saline or albumin for fluid resuscitation in patients with traumatic brain injury. [2007.08.30]

Intramuscular Testosterone Treatment in Elderly Men: Evidence of Memory Decline and Altered Brain Function. [2007.08.28]

Identification of a potential cardiac antifibrotic mechanism of torasemide in patients with chronic heart failure. [2007.08.28]

Carotenoids and Antioxidants in Age-Related Maculopathy Italian Study Multifocal Electroretinogram Modifications after 1 Year. [2007.08.21]

Improvement of erectile function with Prelox: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. [2007.08.16]

Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of physiotherapy following glenohumeral joint distension for adhesive capsulitis: a randomized trial. [2007.08.15]

Efficacy of the human rotavirus vaccine RIX4414 in malnourished children. [2007.08.15]

A randomized factorial trial of vitamins C and E and beta carotene in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in women: results from the Women's Antioxidant Cardiovascular Study. [2007.08.13]

The Sigma-trial protocol: a prospective double-blind multi-centre comparison of laparoscopic versus open elective sigmoid resection in patients with symptomatic diverticulitis. [2007.08.03]

The effect of luteal phase vaginal estradiol supplementation on the success of in vitro fertilization treatment: a prospective randomized study. [2007.08.01]

Effects of echinacea on electrocardiographic and blood pressure measurements. [2007.08.01]

Differential prediction of first clinical response to serotonergic and noradrenergic antidepressants using the loudness dependence of auditory evoked potentials in patients with major depressive disorder. [2007.08]

Nonpharmacological treatment of agitation: a controlled trial of systematic individualized intervention. [2007.08]

Patients' health literacy and experience with instructions: influence preferences for heart failure medication instructions. [2007.08]

Delinquent Behavior and Emerging Substance Use in the MTA at 36 Months: Prevalence, Course, and Treatment Effects. [2007.08]

Monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency thermal ablation of inferior turbinates: 20-month follow-up. [2007.08]

IL-5 T-cell responses to house dust mite are associated with the development of allergen-specific IgE responses and asthma in the first 5 years of life. [2007.08]

Serum vitamin E and oxidative protein modification in hemodialysis: a randomized clinical trial. [2007.08]

The effects of weight status on treatment outcomes in a randomized clinical trial of multisystemic therapy for adolescents with type 1 diabetes and chronically poor metabolic control. [2007.08]

Eutectic mixture of local anesthetic (EMLA) decreases pain during humeral block placement in nonsedated patients. [2007.08]

Functional variant of manganese superoxide dismutase (SOD2 V16A) polymorphism is associated with prostate cancer risk in the prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer study. [2007.08]

The effect of progesterone and oestradiol benzoate on fertility of artificially inseminated repeat-breeder dairy cows during summer. [2007.08]

Pulmonary and systemic effects of inhaled PACAP38 in healthy male subjects. [2007.08]

Factors influencing the outcome of non-surgical periodontal treatment: a multilevel approach. [2007.08]

Cost-effectiveness of peginterferon alpha-2a compared with lamivudine treatment in patients with HBe-antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B in the United Kingdom. [2007.08]

Influence of measles vaccination on the progression of atopic dermatitis in infants. [2007.08]

The effect of fluoride gel on incipient carious lesions in a low-caries child population. [2007.08]

Peginterferon alpha-2b is safe and effective in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients with advanced fibrosis. [2007.08]

Effects of non-invasive pressure support ventilation (NI-PSV) on ventilation and respiratory effort in very low birth weight infants. [2007.08]

Acute changes in pulmonary artery pressures due to exercise and exposure to high altitude do not cause left ventricular diastolic dysfunction. [2007.08]

Efficacy and safety of aminoglycoside monotherapy: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. [2007.08]

Comparison of experimental gingivitis with persistent gingivitis: differences in clinical parameters and cytokine concentrations. [2007.08]

Long-term effects of brief substance use interventions for mandated college students: sleeper effects of an in-person personal feedback intervention. [2007.08]

Induction of labour versus expectant monitoring in women with pregnancy induced hypertension or mild preeclampsia at term: the HYPITAT trial. [2007.07.27]

Statistical validation of the criteria for symptom remission in schizophrenia: preliminary findings. [2007.07.24]

[Is Interpersonal Psychotherapy a Woman Specific Method?] [2007.07.23]

A phase I/IIa safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy bridging randomized study of a two-dose regimen of liquid and lyophilized formulations of the candidate malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS02A in malaria-naive adults. [2007.07.20]

Patient isolation measures for infants with candida colonization or infection for preventing or reducing transmission of candida in neonatal units. [2007.07.18]

Resection versus no intervention or other surgical interventions for colorectal cancer liver metastases. [2007.07.18]

Central venous access sites for the prevention of venous thrombosis, stenosis and infection in patients requiring long-term intravenous therapy. [2007.07.18]

Corticosteroids for preventing relapse following acute exacerbations of asthma. [2007.07.18]

WITHDRAWN: Non-aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for treating osteoarthritis of the knee. [2007.07.18]

TIMP-1 is significantly associated with objective response and survival in metastatic colorectal cancer patients receiving combination of irinotecan, 5-fluorouracil, and folinic acid. [2007.07.15]

Disproportionate Intrauterine Growth Intervention Trial At Term: DIGITAT. [2007.07.10]

Changes in the phenolic content of low density lipoprotein after olive oil consumption in men. A randomized crossover controlled trial. [2007.07.09]

Efficacy and safety of darunavir-ritonavir compared with that of lopinavir-ritonavir at 48 weeks in treatment-experienced, HIV-infected patients in TITAN: a randomised controlled phase III trial. [2007.07.07]

Induction of labour versus expectant management in women with preterm prelabour rupture of membranes between 34 and 37 weeks (the PPROMEXIL-trial). [2007.07.06]

Procalcitonin guided antibiotic therapy and hospitalization in patients with lower respiratory tract infections: a prospective, multicenter, randomized controlled trial. [2007.07.05]

Colonic stenting as bridge to surgery versus emergency surgery for management of acute left-sided malignant colonic obstruction: a multicenter randomized trial (Stent-in 2 study). [2007.07.03]

Metoprolol reverses left ventricular remodeling in patients with asymptomatic systolic dysfunction: the REversal of VEntricular Remodeling with Toprol-XL (REVERT) trial. [2007.07.03]

Cell cycle regulators and outcome of adjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy in completely resected non-small-cell lung cancer: the International Adjuvant Lung Cancer Trial Biologic Program. [2007.07.01]

Designation and distribution of events in the Multicenter UnSustained Tachycardia Trial (MUSTT). [2007.07.01]

Practices of pharmacies that compound extemporaneous formulations. [2007.07.01]

Effects of potent antiretroviral therapy on free testosterone levels and fat-free mass in men in a prospective, randomized trial: A5005s, a substudy of AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 384. [2007.07.01]

Computerized administration of health-related quality of life instruments compared to interviewer administration may reduce sample size requirements in clinical research: a pilot randomized controlled trial among rheumatology patients. [2007.07]

Once-monthly subcutaneous C.E.R.A. maintains stable hemoglobin control in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis and converted directly from epoetin one to three times weekly. [2007.07]

[Efficacy, tolerance and acceptability of Incontex in spayed bitches with urinary incontinence] [2007.07]

Randomized trial of spacers in asthma. [2007.07]

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