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Amantadine (Amantadine Hydrochloride) - Current Clinical Trials


Amantadine Related Clinical Trials

Study of Amantadine for Risperidone Consta or Paliperidone Treated Patients to Decrease Prolactin Elevation [Terminated]

Amantadine + rTMS as a Neurotherapeutic for Disordered Consciousness [Recruiting]

Amantadine and L-DOPA-induced Dyskinesia in Early Parkinson's Disease [Recruiting]

Amantadine to Speed Awakening After Cardiac Arrest [Not yet recruiting]

Study of Amantadine for Weight Stabilization During Olanzapine Treatment [Completed]

Effectiveness of Amantadine Hydrochloride for Treatment of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) [Completed]

Amantadine for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury Irritability and Aggression: A Multi-site Study [Completed]

Efficacy Study of Amantadine to Treat Gait Dysfunction and Freezing in Parkinson's Disease [Recruiting]

Validation of Dyskinesia Rating Scales [Completed]

Dextromethorphan, Amantadine and Glucose Homeostasis in Diabetes Subjects [Completed]

Amantadine as Adjunctive Therapy to Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia [Recruiting]

Utility of Amantadine Hydrochloride in the Treatment of Post-traumatic Irritability [Completed]

Amantadine for Treatment of Symptoms of the Post-Traumatic Confusional State [Active, not recruiting]

Quantification of the Antidyskinetic Effect of Amantadine and Topiramate in Parkinson's Disease [Terminated]

Amantadine Versus Ritalin in the Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) [Recruiting]

Effectiveness of Amantadine and Propranolol for Treating Cocaine Dependence - 2 [Completed]

Safety and Pharmacokinetic Effects of Oseltamivir Alone or in Combination With Amantadine [Completed]

Efficacy and Safety of Amantadine HCl Extended Release Tablets to Treat Parkinson's Disease Patients With Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia. [Recruiting]

Amantadine and Temporal Discrimination in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) [Terminated]

Pilot Study of Maintenance Therapy With Intravenous AMANTADINE [Not yet recruiting]

Effect of Intravenous Amantadine on Gait Freezing in Parkinson's Disease [Completed]

Effect of Amantadine Administration on Spatial Functioning Following Traumatic Brain Injury [Recruiting]

Efficacy and Safety of Amantadine HCl Extended Release Tablets in Parkinson's Disease Subjects With Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesias [Recruiting]

Perioperative Treatment of Parkinsonian Patients With Parenteral Amantadine [Terminated]

Amantadine for Improving Neurologic Symptoms in Ataxia-Telangiectasia [Completed]

Peginterferon Alfa-2a, Ribavirin, Amantadine/Placebo in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)-Genotype-1-Infection (PRAMA) [Active, not recruiting]

Long-Term Effects of Amantadine in Parkinsonian (AMANDYSK) [Completed]

Amantadine for the Treatment of Behavioral Disturbance in Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) [Terminated]

The Effect of IV Amantadine on Freezing of Gait (FOG) Resistant to Dopaminergic Therapy [Recruiting]

Triple Therapy With Peg-Interferon Alfa-2b/Ribavirin Plus Amantadine Compared to Standard Peg-Interferon Alfa-2b/Ribavirin for Previous Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Non Responders [Terminated]

Study on Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment With Interferon Alpha, Ribavirin and Amantadine in Naive Patients [Completed]

Comparing the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Combination Antivirals (Amantadine, Ribavirin, Oseltamivir) Versus Oseltamivir for the Treatment of Influenza in Adults at Risk for Complications [Recruiting]

Assessment of Safety and Efficacy of Therapy for the Prevention of Weight Gain Associated With Olanzapine [Completed]

Extended Release Amantadine Safety and Efficacy Study in Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia (EASED Study) [Completed]

Peginterferon Alfa-2a Plus Ribavirin Plus Amantadine for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Infected Patients [Completed]

Topiramate as an Adjunct to Amantadine in the Treatment of Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease [Recruiting]

Rapid Evaluation of Amantadine for Treatment of Cocaine Abuse/Dependence - 4 [Completed]

Urinary Excretion of Acetylamantadine by Cancer Patients [Completed]

Treatment of Huntington's Chorea With Amantadine [Completed]

Efficacy and Safety Study of ADS-5102 in PD Patients With Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia [Recruiting]

Oral Triple Combination Antiviral Drug Therapy for Treatment of Influenza A in Immunocompromised Subjects [Completed]

Efficacy and Safety of Combination Therapies With Oseltamivir & Zanamivir or Oseltamivir & Amantadine Versus Oseltamivir Monotherapy in the Treatment of Seasonal Influenza A Infection [Terminated]

Safety and Efficacy of ADS-5102 in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis and Walking Impairment [Recruiting]

Comparison of the Incidence of Dyskinesia in Parkinson`s Disease Who Were Treated With Amantadine or Dopamine Agonist [Recruiting]

Study for Patients With Chronic HCV (GT 1 or 3) Who Relapsed to Previous (Peg)Interferon/ Ribavirin Combination Therapy [Active, not recruiting]

ADS-5102 for the Treatment of Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia (EASE LID Study) [Active, not recruiting]

Open-Label Safety Study of ADS-5102 in PD Patients With LID [Recruiting]

Acetylamantadine Excretion by Cancer Patients [Recruiting]

Action of Amantadine on Post-Stroke Aphasic Patients [Completed]

TCAD vs. Monotherapy for Influenza A in Immunocompromised Patients [Completed]

Urinary Excretion of Acetylamantadine by Normal Healthy Volunteers [Completed]

Study of the Pharmacokinetic Action of Amantadine and Ribavirin in Chronic Hepatitis C. CINAM [Completed]

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Modified Release AFQ056 in Parkinson's Patients With L-dopa Induced Dyskinesias [Completed]

Effects of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA)-Receptor Antagonism on Hyperalgesia, Opioid Use, and Pain After Radical Prostatectomy [Recruiting]

Interferon-gamma With Interferon Alpha and Ribavirin for Hepatitis C Non-responders [Completed]

Chart Review of Antivirals for Influenza in Infants [Completed]

Prepulse Inhibition of Startle in Cocaine Dependence - 7 [Completed]

Modeling Impaired Judgement in Cocaine Abusers - 6 [Completed]

Pharmacotherapy for Schizophrenic Drug Users - 6 [Completed]

Safinamide in Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease (IPD) With Motor Fluctuations, as add-on to Levodopa [Completed]

Excretion of Acetylamantadine (AA) by Lung Cancer Patients During a Chemotherapy Regimen [Not yet recruiting]

Fissure Sealant Retention Trial [Recruiting]

Talampanel to Treat Parkinson's Disease [Completed]

Trial of the Use of Doxycycline After Rotator Cuff Repair [Not yet recruiting]

The Use of Magnetic Endoscopic Imagers During Colonoscopy for Loop Recognition and Resolution [Recruiting]

Prophylactic Efficacy of Relenza Against Influenza A and B [Completed]

Comparison Endotracheal Cardiac Output Monitor (ECOM) to a Standard Device in Measuring Heart Blood Volume [Recruiting]

Treatment of Severe Childhood Aggression (The TOSCA Study) [Active, not recruiting]

Basic and Clinical Research on Applying Blood Fix to Treat Critical H1N1 Patients [Active, not recruiting]

Tolerability and Efficacy of Switch From Oral Selegiline to Orally Disintegrating Selegiline (Zelapar) in Patients With Parkinson's Disease [Completed]

Study of Memantine for Gait Disorders And Attention Deficit In Parkinson's Disease [Completed]

Levetiracetam Treatment of L-Dopa Induced Dyskinesias [Completed]

Fluoxetine Essay in Children With Autism [Withdrawn]

Heart and Lung Function Monitoring System [Recruiting]

Efficacy and Safety of Alogliptin and Metformin Fixed-dose Combination in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes [Active, not recruiting]

Combination Chemotherapy and Paclitaxel Plus Trastuzumab in Treating Women With Palpable Breast Cancer That Can Be Removed by Surgery [Active, not recruiting]

Long-term Anastrozole Versus Tamoxifen Treatment Effects [Enrolling by invitation]

A Randomized Control Trial to Assess the Efficacy of Tadalafil in Raynaud's Phenomenon in Scleroderma [Completed]

Evaluation of the Addition of Herceptin to Standard Chemotherapy in the Neoadjuvant Setting for Operable Breast Cancer [Completed]

Evaluation of Differing Taxanes/Taxane Combinations on the Outcome of Patients With Operable Breast Cancer [Completed]

Treatment of Autism in Children and Adolescents [Completed]

Treatment of Overweight Induced by Antipsychotic Medication in Young People With Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) [Active, not recruiting]

Atomoxetine, Placebo and Parent Management Training in Autism [Active, not recruiting]

Effect of Rye Bread Breakfasts on Eight Hour Satiety Ratings [Completed]

Effect of Three Weeks Consumption of Rye Porridge Breakfast [Active, not recruiting]

Central Venous Saturation (ScvO2) Monitoring in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery [Recruiting]

Study to Determine Whether There Are Any Cognitive or Motor Effects From Taking the Medicine Risperidone. [Completed]

Measurement of Risperidone and 9-Hydroxyrisperidone in Plasma and Saliva [Completed]

An Observational Study of the Causes, Management, and Outcomes of Community-acquired Sepsis and Severe Sepsis in Southeast Asia [Recruiting]

A Randomised Trial of Pulmonary Metastasectomy in Colorectal Cancer [Recruiting]

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