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Aerospan (Flunisolide Hemihydrate Inhalation) - Published Studies


Aerospan Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Aerospan (Flunisolide Inhalation)

Linear growth and bone maturation are unaffected by 1 year of therapy with inhaled flunisolide hydrofluoroalkane in prepubescent children with mild persistent asthma: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. [2011.10]

Intranasal flunisolide treatment in patients with non-allergic rhinitis. [2011.04]

High-dose inhaled flunisolide versus budesonide in the treatment of acute asthma exacerbations in preschool-age children. [2009.04]

Strength and endurance of the respiratory and handgrip muscles after the use of flunisolide in normal subjects. [2007.07]

Inhaled flunisolide suppresses the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis, but has minimal systemic immune effects in healthy cats. [2006.01]

A randomized controlled trial of inhaled flunisolide in the management of acute asthma in children. [2003.09]

Comparison of high-dose inhaled flunisolide to systemic corticosteroids in severe adult asthma. [2002.10]

Multiple-dose proportionality study of flunisolide hydrofluoroalkane. [2002.09]

Effective control of asthma with hydrofluoroalkane flunisolide delivered as an extrafine aerosol in asthma patients. [2001.11]

Suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity with inhaled flunisolide and fluticasone propionate in adult asthma patients. [2001.11]

Deposition and pharmacokinetics of flunisolide delivered from pressurized inhalers containing non-CFC and CFC propellants. [2001.06]

Randomized trial of inhaled flunisolide versus placebo among asthmatic patients discharged from the emergency department. [2000.11]

Pharmacokinetics of flunisolide administered via metered dose inhaler with and without a spacer device and following oral administration. [2000.05]

Exhaled nitric oxide in asthmatic children exposed to relevant allergens: effect of flunisolide. [2000.04]

Comparison of efficacy and safety between flunisolide/AeroChamber and budesonide/turbuhaler in patients with moderate asthma. AER-MD-04 Study Group. [2000.03]

Effects of the inhaled corticosteroids fluticasone propionate, triamcinolone acetonide, and flunisolide and oral prednisone on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in adult patients with asthma. [1999.02]

Lung deposition of fenoterol and flunisolide delivered using a novel device for inhaled medicines: comparison of RESPIMAT with conventional metered-dose inhalers with and without spacer devices. [1998.04]

Inhaled flunisolide for acute severe asthma. [1998.03]

Effects of low and high doses of inhaled flunisolide and triamcinolone acetonide on basal and dynamic measures of adrenocortical activity in healthy volunteers. [1998.03]

The effectiveness of once-daily dosing of inhaled flunisolide in maintaining asthma control. [1997.03]

[Controlled clinical comparative evaluation of fluticasone powder inhalation versus flunisolide dose aerosol in patients with mild to moderate asthma] [1997.01]

Intranasal flunisolide spray as an adjunct to oral antibiotic therapy for sinusitis. [1993.12]

Comparative taste evaluation of aerosolized formulations of triamcinolone acetonide, flunisolide, and flunisolide with menthol. [1993.11]

Comparative tolerability of two formulations of Rhinalar (flunisolide) nasal spray in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis. [1988.10]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Aerospan (Flunisolide Inhalation)

Relative oral corticosteroid-sparing effect of 7 inhaled corticosteroids in chronic asthma: a meta-analysis. [2008.07]

Comparison of patient preference and ease of teaching inhaler technique for Pulmicort Turbuhaler versus pressurized metered-dose inhalers. [2004.06]

[Therapeutic effect of the association between pulmonary ventilation and aerosol--inhalation with sulphureous mineral water in the chronic bronchopneumopathies] [2004.04]

Asthma steroid pharmacogenetics: a study strategy to identify replicated treatment responses. [2004]

Triple inhaled drug protocol for the treatment of acute severe asthma. [2003.06]

Fluticasone propionate 100 microg bid using a non-CFC propellant, HFA 134a, in asthmatic children. [2003.03]

Systemic effect comparisons of six inhaled corticosteroid preparations. [2002.05.15]

A comparison of methods for assessing hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity in asthma patients treated with inhaled corticosteroids. [2002.03]

Effectiveness and acceptability of a domiciliary multidrug inhalation treatment in elderly patients with chronic airflow obstruction: metered dose inhaler versus jet nebulizer. [2000.03]

Effects of high-dose inhaled corticosteroids on plasma cortisol concentrations in healthy adults. [1999.09.13]

A bioassay for topical and systemic effect of three inhaled corticosteroids. [1995.04]

Other research related to Aerospan (Flunisolide Inhalation)

Intranasal flunisolide treatment in patients with non-allergic rhinitis. [2011]

A reappraisal of the clinical efficacy of nebulized flunisolide in pediatric asthma: the Italian experience. [2007.11]

Flunisolide decreases exhaled nitric oxide and nitrotyrosine levels in asthmatic children. [2006]

Flunisolide HFA for the treatment of asthma: an old friend reformulated. [2004.05]

Evaluation of efficacy and safety of flunisolide hydrofluoroalkane for the treatment of asthma. [2003.03]

The output of flunisolide from different nebulisers. [2002.04]

Effect of an inhaled glucocorticoid, flunisolide, on bone mineral density: a 2-year prospective, controlled trial. [2000.07]

Other possibly related research studies

Compressor/nebulizers differences in the nebulization of corticosteroids. The CODE study (Corticosteroids and Devices Efficiency). [2007.07]

Evidence-based selection of inhaled corticosteroid for treatment of chronic asthma. [2007.01]

Meta-analysis finds use of inhaled corticosteroids during pregnancy safe: a systematic meta-analysis review. [2006.08]

Effects of long-term inhaled corticosteroids on adrenal function in patients with asthma. [2006.03]

Effects of inhaled corticosteroids on bone. [2005.01]

Hydrofluoroalkane formulations of inhaled corticosteroids for the treatment of asthma. [2004]

A meta-analysis of the dose-response relationship of inhaled corticosteroids in adolescents and adults with mild to moderate persistent asthma. [2002.01]

Metering performance of several metered-dose inhalers with different spacers/holding chambers. [2001.01]

Cost analysis of the use of inhaled corticosteroids in the treatment of asthma: a 1-year follow-up. [2001.12]

An interactive algorithm for the assessment of cumulative cortisol suppression during inhaled corticosteroid therapy. [2000]

Aerosol characterization of nebulized intranasal glucocorticoid formulations. [2001.06]

Fluticasone propionate: a potent inhaled corticosteroid for the treatment of asthma. [2000.09]

e-NO peak versus e-NO plateau values in evaluating e-NO production in steroid-naive and in steroid-treated asthmatic children and in detecting response to inhaled steroid treatment. [2001.01]

Inhaled fluticasone propionate. A pharmacoeconomic review of its use in the management of asthma. [2000.11]

Transcriptional potencies of inhaled glucocorticoids. [2000.07]

The glucocorticoid receptor heterocomplex gene STIP1 is associated with improved lung function in asthmatic subjects treated with inhaled corticosteroids. [2009.06]

Transrepression and transactivation potencies of inhaled glucocorticoids. [2008.12]

Adrenal suppression and Cushing's syndrome secondary to an interaction between ritonavir and fluticasone: a review of the literature. [2008.07]

Activities of aldo-keto reductase 1 enzymes on two inhaled corticosteroids: implications for the pharmacological effects of inhaled corticosteroids. [2011.05.30]

Effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroids in the treatment of acute asthma in children in the emergency department: a meta-analysis. [2014]

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